April 6, 2024
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The first PGA Golf Academy in Latin America opens its doors at the Riviera Maya

The PGA Golf Academy Riviera Maya welcomed more than 150 people during an open house. Thus, the first and only golf academy in Latin America certified by the PGA of America opens its doors at the PGA Riviera Maya golf course, located in the residential complex Tulum Country Club, in Quintana Roo, Mexico. Attendees received a golf lesson taught by the club’s professionals:

American Tory Gatrell, PGA of America Pro; as well as Ramon Asensio, a Spanish Pro who has been certified by different golf schools around the world, including those of the coach and career star Tiger Woods’ career starter, Hank Haney and Butch Harmon.

The first PGA Golf Academy in Latin America opens its doors at the Riviera Maya

Thus, guests were able to enjoy the approach to golf, from the hand of Tory Gatrell and Ramón Asensio, the world-class Pros who lead the disruptive learning programs at the academy. In addition, there was a healthy coexistence in the chipping tournaments and activities with Snag Golf Mexico products.

Fernando Padrón, Director of Golf at PGA Riviera Maya, commented during the event:

“Our objective with these open days, is to bring this magnificent sport closer to all those who are interested in learning about it. We want to offer all players -from beginners to elite players- a golf academy that, thanks to the technologies, teaching techniques and instructors recognized by the PGA, provides a different experience”.

The first PGA Golf Academy in Latin America opens its doors at the Riviera Maya

Among the tools that the PGA Golf Academy Riviera Maya will have are: Swinggyde, Garmin lauch, putt out mirrors, impact bags, alignment rods, skillz golf grip trainer, orange whip, among others.

These types of initiatives add to the growth of Quintana Roo, since golf tourism is part of sports tourism, one of the fastest growing segments of the tourism industry, according to the “Golf Tourism Global Market Report 2022”, which forecasts that the market will grow to $5.8 thousand MDD in 2026, at a compound annual rate of 4.8%. The main types of golf tourism are domestic and international.

Fernando Padrón thanked all the participants for their enthusiasm and willingness to learn how to play. For their part, the attendees thanked the hospitality of PGA Riviera Maya and were amazed by the course and the spectacular facilities. They commented that they will surely return to continue with their classes and to improve their swing.


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