April 6, 2024
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Managing Water Demand Amid Tulum’s Summer Getaways

TULUM, Mexico – Despite the ongoing summer vacation season and the heatwave, there has been a slight increase in the consumption of potable water in the municipality, with a rise of only 2 to 5 percent, as stated by Hiram Sobrino Reyes, the manager of the Potable Water and Sewerage Commission (CAPA) in Tulum.

Sobrino Reyes pointed out that this situation may be attributed to the fact that the influx of visitors during this season has not been as significant as in others, resulting in a minimal rise in the use of water in July compared to June.

He specified that, for instance, in June of the current year, they recorded a consumption of 274,000 cubic meters of potable water, whereas, in July, the usage reached 283,000 liters of the resource. The monthly data for August is still pending, bearing in mind that the summer vacation period concludes on the 28th of this month.

Sobrino Reyes made it clear that the billing records for consumption do not achieve 100 percent accuracy every month due to unauthorized taps that cannot be accounted for. Without delving into details, he mentioned that they had anticipated higher water usage due to the vacation period and soaring temperatures.

Managing Water Demand Amid Tulum's Summer Getaways

“He believed that the influx of visitors this season has not been as high as in previous years; we had indeed anticipated a significant surge in water usage,” he emphasized.

Nevertheless, he affirmed that the Potable Water and Sewerage Commission has the capability to meet the current water demand in the ninth municipality.

He also appealed to the citizens to exercise rationality and mindfulness in their use of potable water, urging them not to squander it on unnecessary activities.

The manager of CAPA in Tulum declared that he understands people’s desire to cool off by filling pools or taking frequent showers due to the heatwave, but he encouraged them to do so with consciousness.


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