April 6, 2024
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Tulum Hotel Association Joins Forces to Support Chemuyil Community Through Donations

TULUM, Quintana Roo – In a remarkable display of community engagement and philanthropy, the Tulum Hotel Association, under the esteemed leadership of David Ortiz Mena, has come forward to fulfill the pressing needs of the Chemuyil delegation and telesecondary school. This act of benevolence was prompted by the heartfelt requests voiced by the citizens during a prior visit to this closely-knit community. On April 20th, in the company of the esteemed Mayor, Diego Castañón Trejo, a comprehensive tour of Chemuyil was undertaken, unveiling a myriad of aspirations that resonated with the shared objective of fostering municipal development and enhancing the welfare of its residents.

Embracing the ethos of unity, David Ortiz Mena, the President of the Tulum Hotel Association, expressed his delight in responding eagerly to the multifaceted petitions. Such proactive measures are intricately aligned with the common vision of nurturing the region’s progress and prioritizing the well-being of its people. Consequently, a generous donation was made, comprising 20 waste bins for the delegation and an additional 10 picnic tables for the telesecondary school.

Jorge Carlos Quijada, the devoted delegate of Chemuyil, elaborated on the significance of this donation, emphasizing that it marks the inception of an ongoing initiative designed to equip families within the community with appropriate receptacles. This strategic endeavor aims to prevent the haphazard scattering of refuse by animals, ensuring a pristine and sanitary environment. Quijada expressed genuine pleasure at the collaboration exhibited by the hoteliers, hailing their participation in the delegation’s programs and initiatives as a testament to their commitment to fostering a better Chemuyil.

Turning our attention to the educational landscape, the ten tables gifted to the “Eleuterio Llanes Pasos” telesecondary school are set to revolutionize the dining experience for the approximately 180 students across both morning and afternoon sessions. Cynthia Ruiz, the dedicated school director, shed light on the transformative impact of this act of generosity. Previously, students were compelled to consume their meals standing up or, regrettably, on the ground. With these new tables, an environment of dignity is bestowed upon them, facilitating a conducive space for sustenance and camaraderie.

Ruiz wholeheartedly commended Mayor Diego Castañón Trejo and the esteemed hotelier, David Ortiz Mena, for their unwavering commitment to the community. Their personal presence during the visit, their attentive ear to the needs of the citizens, and their swift action in providing tangible solutions were lauded as exemplary acts of leadership and empathy. Ruiz expressed her appreciation for individuals like entrepreneur David Ortiz, who swiftly answered their call for assistance. She further emphasized the pleasure derived from receiving support without having to tirelessly pursue it, extolling such altruistic attitudes as the embodiment of the kind of support that communities truly need.

The Tulum Hotel Association reiterated its pledge to continue these joint visits to various communities within the municipality in close partnership with Mayor Diego Castañón. With an unwavering spirit of collaboration and unity, they aim to extend their support, fostering goodwill, and effecting positive change throughout the region.

In a world where corporate responsibility and community engagement often converge, the Tulum Hotel Association stands out as a shining example of organizations prioritizing the needs of the people. Their commitment to social progress sets a commendable standard, underscoring the influential role that enterprises can play in transforming communities. Through initiatives like these, the hotel association propels Tulum towards a future characterized by shared prosperity and a harmonious coexistence between locals and visitors alike.


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