April 6, 2024
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From Maya Heritage to Modern Empowerment: Tulum’s ‘Mujer es Poder’ Triumph

TULUM, Mexico – Amidst a gathering of hundreds of women and Mara Lezama’s presence, the Governor of Quintana Roo, María Selena Yam Cetzal stepped forward, clutching the microphone. In a moment both honorable and emotionally charged, she began her discourse in the ancient Mayan tongue. “It is an honor and a sentiment beyond words to stand before you, expressing gratitude for the unwavering support you extend to homemakers and mothers. Your outstretched hand guides us towards a brighter tomorrow.”

María Selena stands as a shining example of the beneficiaries of the “Women Empowerment” initiative, colloquially known as “Mujer es Poder.” She represents one of the 1,733 women who were handed economic support in the form of bi-monthly cash disbursements of 2,000 pesos. This pivotal event unfolded within the expansive confines of the Tulum Sports Complex’s double-domed arena.

From Maya Heritage to Modern Empowerment: Tulum's 'Mujer es Poder' Triumph

Thus, culminated the distribution of cards, marked the conclusion of the initial phase of this groundbreaking strategy. This initiative stands as a testament to the very core principles of female empowerment – economic autonomy, the freedom to choose, and the resolute push to obliterate the specter of violence in all its guises. These values stand tall as the central pillars of the New Accord for the Welfare and Development of Quintana Roo.

From Maya Heritage to Modern Empowerment: Tulum's 'Mujer es Poder' Triumph

Mara Lezama’s words resonated once again in her address, a recurring theme across all 11 municipalities where the initiative has taken root. She articulated the unassailable truth – Quintana Roo’s progression hinges on the prowess of its empowered women, voices unshackled, primed to dismantle every facet of violence, and poised to steer existence onto a transformative path.

The spotlight shifted, now upon Verónica Lezama Espinosa, the esteemed President of DIF (Integral Family Development System). As the ceremonial first phase of card distribution concluded, she ensured that the recipients remained allied with DIF and the Governor herself. Their enduring love and unwavering commitment stand resplendent within the very essence of “Mujer es Poder.”

From Maya Heritage to Modern Empowerment: Tulum's 'Mujer es Poder' Triumph

Witnessing this momentous event were Diego Castañón, the Mayor; Abril Sabido Alcérreca, Director General of DIF; Silvia Dzul, the esteemed legislator; and María Marisol Tzuc May, a grateful beneficiary – all united in shared celebration.


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