April 6, 2024
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Empowering Tulum’s Businesswomen

TULUM, Mexico – In an effort to raise awareness and support for breast cancer, the Asociación de Mujeres Empresarias (Amexme) Tulum Chapter’s Vice President, Violeta Novelo Zapata, has announced a series of activities and partnerships aimed at helping women affected by this disease.

During this crucial awareness period in October, Novelo Zapata highlighted the “Carril Rosa” support project for women who have battled breast cancer. The initiative involves seeking partnerships with local hotels to provide facilities for this purpose, specifically for patient rehabilitation.

As part of their awareness campaign, on October 19th, the organization will illuminate the entire path in the Aldea Zamá residential complex, Block 12, with pink lights. Novelo Zapata also revealed that they have entered into an agreement with Amerimed, a healthcare company, to offer mammograms and breast ultrasounds to facilitate early detection of breast cancer.

Amexme Tulum Chapter comprises a diverse group of female entrepreneurs from various sectors, including hospitality, restaurants, accounting firms, marketing and communication offices, medical professionals, and construction companies. Their positive working relationship extends to other associations like Canaco, AMPI, and the Hotel Association.

Speaking about their accomplishments in 2023, Novelo Zapata emphasized their commitment to growing the association and increasing the number of female entrepreneurs in Tulum. She noted, “Our primary goal is to expand the association, enhance women’s participation among Tulum’s entrepreneurs, and provide them with the training and resources they need to succeed.”

Empowering Tulum's Businesswomen

When asked about the economic growth in Tulum, Novelo Zapata pointed out that she has witnessed exponential growth since 2019. She emphasized, “It’s impressive; I run a firm where we handle accounting, legal, and tax matters, and the number of clients in real estate development has tripled. Tulum is currently experiencing its most significant economic boom.”

This proactive approach from Amexme’s Tulum Chapter not only sheds light on the importance of breast cancer awareness but also highlights the growing economic vitality of this picturesque Mexican town. Their efforts to make a difference and support those in need serve as an inspiring example for the entire community.


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