April 6, 2024
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Dengue Danger in Tulum And Condo’s Pool Practices

TULUM, México – In the picturesque town of Tulum, a health crisis is unfolding, not just confined to the La Veleta neighborhood but pervading across various parts of the region. The residents of La Veleta, particularly those near the Saasil Tulum condominium complex, are at the forefront of growing concern due to the complex’s negligent environmental practices. Saasil Tulum, situated on Calle 8 Sur, between Calle Tzolkin and Calle Cobá, is a mere stone’s throw from the main avenue and only six kilometers from the renowned Tulum archaeological zone. However, its proximity to these landmarks belies the gravity of the issue at hand.

The complex, known for its medium-sized swimming pool along Calle 8 Sur, has been found guilty of excessively discharging pool water directly onto the street. This not only shows a blatant disregard for the neighborhood but also contributes to the deterioration of the already poorly maintained dirt road. The resultant stagnation of foul water has turned the area into a breeding ground for infections and mosquitoes, exacerbating the health risks for the residents.

Dengue Danger in Tulum And Condo's Pool Practices

This situation in Saasil Tulum is not an isolated incident but rather a microcosm of a larger problem in Tulum. Similar instances of environmental neglect and health hazards are increasingly being reported across various areas of the town, signaling a widespread issue. The prevalence of dengue fever, a potentially lethal mosquito-borne disease, has been a particular source of concern, with these negligent practices significantly increasing the risk of outbreaks.

The residents of La Veleta, along with others in Tulum, are now calling for heightened vigilance from both the community and the responsible entities. Property managers, local businesses, and residents alike must remain alert to such environmentally hazardous practices. Recognizing the signs of potential health risks and taking proactive steps to address them is crucial in preventing larger-scale public health crises.

Dengue Danger in Tulum And Condo's Pool Practices

Furthermore, the community is encouraged to play an active role in reporting and alerting authorities to any situations that pose environmental or health hazards. This communal responsibility is essential in ensuring a swift response to such issues and in safeguarding the well-being of Tulum’s residents and visitors.

Dengue Danger in Tulum And Condo's Pool Practices

The case of Saasil Tulum and similar situations across Tulum highlight the urgent need for stricter enforcement of environmental regulations and greater community engagement. It serves as a stark reminder of the importance of responsible environmental stewardship and the need for community vigilance in holding authorities and businesses accountable. The health and safety of the Tulum community depend on the swift resolution of these critical issues, reinforcing the need for collective action and responsibility in environmental matters.


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