April 6, 2024
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Cruz del Carmen Moreno Triumphs as Miss Abuelita Tulum 2023

TULUM, Mexico – The municipality of Tulum was recently abuzz with a captivating event, the Miss Abuelita Tulum 2023 “Queens for Eternity” contest, which culminated in the victory of Cruz del Carmen Moreno. This remarkable evening showcased the talents of six exceptional participants.

Prior to the commencement of the contest, Diego Castañón Trejo, the Municipal President, extended his best wishes to the participants. He emphasized that as an administration, they hold the elderly in high regard, recognizing them as the cornerstone of familial wisdom and experience.

Cruz del Carmen Moreno Triumphs as Miss Abuelita Tulum 2023

“Let’s applaud our grandmothers. Each one is a winner. Today, they are filled with joy, and it’s our duty to reciprocate that happiness due to their invaluable experiences, their values, and the wisdom they have imparted upon us,” he articulated.

The contest featured distinct phases of evaluation, including casual wear, regional attire, and evening gowns. Each family in attendance at the dome-shaped municipal center joined in the applause, celebrating the contestants.

Cruz del Carmen Moreno Triumphs as Miss Abuelita Tulum 2023

The diligent efforts of the judging panel culminated in the crowning of Cruz del Carmen Moreno as Miss Abuelita 2023. Jacinta Loria Canul was awarded the title of Miss Congeniality, while Eva Perez García emerged as the victor in the Miss Social Media category. Notably, Cruz del Carmen Moreno also secured the winning spot for the spirited cheerleading category.

It is worth noting that the organization of this remarkable contest was masterminded by the Cultural Department, along with the General Welfare Division of the Municipality, in coordination with the Family Support Division of the DIF system.


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