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What’s Shaping Tulum’s Real Estate Market Today?

TULUM, Mexico – The Tulum real estate landscape has experienced remarkable dynamism in recent years. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, interest in purchasing property in Tulum has surged. If you haven’t visited Tulum lately, prepare to be astounded by the bustling urban development underway. Entire neighborhoods and sectors are evolving rapidly, fueled by visionary master plans that have turned Tulum’s real estate sector into a vibrant, expansive market. For prospective investors eyeing the Riviera Maya, exploring both Playa Del Carmen real estate and Tulum properties is vital, given the interconnected nature of these two influential markets.

Mention Tulum, and images of Mayan ruins and exquisite beaches instantly spring to mind. Add in the allure of cenotes and the proliferation of eco-chic hotels, many of which have likely graced your Instagram feed. Tulum’s innate beauty has magnetized individuals for quite some time. To help you navigate the wonders around Tulum, consult our comprehensive guide on must-see attractions.

In recent years, Tulum has ascended the ladder of upscale destinations. The town’s reputation as a paradisiacal retreat has burgeoned, transforming it from a haven for backpackers with cabins into a playground for both celebrities and seekers of the perfect blend of Caribbean essence and bohemian elegance.

What's Shaping Tulum's Real Estate Market Today?

Comparing Tulum to other locales along Mexico’s Riviera Maya reveals its relatively smaller scale and more subdued development. The beachfront is devoid of towering hotels, and substantial portions of the area are protected nature reserves and national parks. Such supply-demand dynamics have elevated the allure of the beach region, or the “hotel zone,” making it an exclusive and coveted location. Simultaneously, downtown Tulum has witnessed an uptick in high-end condominiums and boutique hotels as it absorbs the spillover from the beach area’s popularity.

The influx of visitors to Tulum has soared exponentially in recent years. Not only have tourist numbers swelled, but the economic stature of these visitors has also risen. The luxury tourism segment is flourishing in Tulum, with prospective residents and tourists alike seeking sumptuous accommodations bearing the distinctive “Tulum chic” label. With half a decade’s worth of developmental plans on the horizon, word is spreading that Tulum’s ascent as a premier destination remains in full swing, propelling the real estate market to new heights.

The Tulum real estate landscape’s performance during the COVID-19 pandemic and ensuing lockdowns may surprise you. Despite global uncertainties and financial market jitters, the Tulum real estate market demonstrated remarkable resilience. In fact, it was a banner year for investors in the Tulum region.

Several pivotal factors underpin this sustained surge in Tulum real estate sales

What's Shaping Tulum's Real Estate Market Today?
  1. Mexico’s borders never officially closed, drawing not only Mexican nationals but also travelers from neighboring countries and individuals seeking refuge within Mexico. Tulum emerged as a prime long-term rental destination, owing to its agreeable climate, amenities, and stunning beaches. This upsurge in rental occupancy significantly benefited investors, particularly those with condos and Airbnb listings.
  2. The pandemic ignited a global reevaluation of living spaces, compelling many to contemplate relocation. Mexico, the Caribbean, and Tulum, in particular, resonated as enticing destinations for those considering a move or future relocation.
  3. The initial pandemic turbulence, including volatile currency markets, saw the Mexican peso’s depreciation against the USD. This prompted savvy Mexican investors to shift their focus to Tulum’s real estate market, which has traditionally served as a haven during periods of uncertainty.
  4. Construction only faced a temporary pause of around a month on most projects. This continuity in project delivery helped maintain an active market, as projects continued to sell and units were distributed to buyers.
  5. The shift towards remote work, with more professionals adopting telecommuting, facilitated the migration of individuals seeking a change of scenery. This migration trend bolstered rental occupancy and stoked the real estate market, a trend that shows no signs of abating given the transformation of work dynamics.

These five key drivers steered the market throughout 2021 and into 2022. Tulum appears poised to remain a sought-after destination for both real estate purchase and rental investment.

Tulum’s Development Zones

Tulum can be dissected into distinct development zones, each offering unique investment potential. These zones are:

Downtown Tulum

What's Shaping Tulum's Real Estate Market Today?

The bustling business district along Highway 307 has undergone a renaissance, witnessing a proliferation of boutique hotels, hostels, restaurants, and shops in recent years. The downtown area assumes significance for visitors seeking a variety of amenities, given the limited options available along the beach road. Its affordability also makes it an attractive lodging option for many.

Hotel Zone

What's Shaping Tulum's Real Estate Market Today?

The beachfront area is predominantly home to smaller hotels, eateries, and shops. Given the focus on hospitality, real estate investment opportunities here are less geared toward individual investors.

La Veleta

This southern extension of downtown Tulum has only recently begun to experience development. A diverse assortment of high-end houses, condominium complexes, rustic pathways, verdant foliage, and local residences characterize this nascent real estate frontier. La Veleta presents an exciting but unpredictable terrain for investors, offering affordable lots for standalone houses, albeit amid limited infrastructure.

Aldea Zama

What's Shaping Tulum's Real Estate Market Today?

This sprawling tract of land has become a hub of frenetic development activity. Aldea Zama is situated between downtown Tulum and its beachfront. Planned with meticulous green spaces, pedestrian avenues, and an array of small enterprises, this new neighborhood has taken shape as an urban entity in its own right. Aldea Zama predominantly hosts condos and boutique hotels, featuring structures that harmonize with the natural surroundings. The ongoing master plan suggests a transformation over the next five years.


Positioned as the southern counterpart to Aldea Zama, Selvazama straddles the space between the beach road and Aldea Zama. As a prime real estate territory, it encompasses well-conceived condominiums and significant developments. The location is poised to play a pivotal role in Tulum’s real estate growth.

Tulum 101

This semi-circular zone fronts Avenida Coba. Commercial spaces line Avenida Coba, while residential properties extend farther from the main thoroughfare, presenting another attractive investment region.

Avenida Coba

Formerly the sole route to the beach, Avenida Coba now assumes a commercial identity with hotels and commercial enterprises adorning both sides of the avenue.

Region 15 and 8

These regions border the Hotel Zone and La Veleta toward Tulum’s southern terminus. The establishment of the new beach access road has amplified property values, bringing regulation to these areas. Region 8 stands out as more exclusive due to its lower density and closer proximity to the beach.

Tulum Ruins Area

What's Shaping Tulum's Real Estate Market Today?

Situated between Avenida Coba and the ruins, this area encompasses plots slated for construction, including houses—uncommon for Tulum. Its appeal lies in proximity to the beach, Avenida Coba, and downtown Tulum.

Road Leading to Coba

This section, considered “out of Tulum,” consists mainly of wooded land. Some lots have been subdivided for sale, appealing to long-term investors. With limited services, this area is earmarked for future development.

Eco developments have surfaced along this route, with several “eco-communities” targeting land banking rather than immediate construction. These communities, often marked by gated entrances, remain in nascent stages of development.

Unveiling Distinct Characteristics in Tulum’s Development Zones

What's Shaping Tulum's Real Estate Market Today?

Central Tulum thrives with development, particularly in La Veleta and Aldea Zama, which collectively account for around 71% of new construction in the Tulum real estate arena. This balance is shifting, as upcoming zones such as Selvazama, Region 15, and Region 8 are poised to unleash their potential through fresh projects.

La Veleta is still in the process of evolving, with infrastructural enhancements and services ongoing. Positioned farther from Tulum’s heart, La Veleta’s location is undergoing transformation due to the newly opened beach access road on the southern end of Tulum.

Critical Considerations for Tulum Real Estate Investors

Navigating Tulum’s rapidly evolving real estate landscape necessitates vision and foresight for successful investment endeavors. As most individuals seek properties as investments, gauging rental trends and locations—both within and beyond Tulum—is paramount.

To assist serious investors, a robust research tool furnishes comprehensive real estate data pertaining to Tulum, enabling well-informed decisions. Sustainable projects that prioritize Tulum’s ecological balance are a prudent choice, ensuring the preservation of its natural allure.

For properties devoid of management services, securing a reliable property manager plays a pivotal role in achieving investment success. Furthermore, if considering pre-sale acquisitions, research the developer’s track record to ascertain their standing within the industry.

A Close Look at Tulum’s Infrastructure

As Tulum’s development unfolds, prudent investors must contemplate the state of its infrastructure. While infrastructure varies across Tulum, the newer precincts like Aldea Zama feature sewage systems, subterranean cables, and internet access. However, challenges persist concerning water, internet, and cellular services, which can vary across Tulum’s distinct sectors.

To glean insights into infrastructure progress and developments, refer to the official website of the Tulum government, a reliable source for news and updates.

Investing in Beachfront Properties

What's Shaping Tulum's Real Estate Market Today?

Inquiries regarding beachfront real estate are commonplace, and Tulum’s layout presents a unique scenario. Most beachfront areas are occupied by hotels, untitled land, or fall under the jurisdiction of national parks. Nevertheless, ocean-view properties and opportunities on the town’s outskirts remain accessible. Beachfront properties remain highly coveted and exclusive, with a limited number—usually around 60—available within the real estate market at any given time.

Tulum’s Tourism Infrastructure and Services

Prospective investors venturing into Tulum’s real estate market ought to consider the destination’s amenities and services. Beyond mere infrastructure, one must evaluate the culinary scene, shopping options, and overall quality of life. Here’s a closer look:

Culinary Delights

What's Shaping Tulum's Real Estate Market Today?

Tulum’s culinary prowess shines through its acclaimed restaurants. The town boasts some of Mexico’s finest chefs, and its beachfront eateries have garnered numerous awards. The surging tourist influx has propelled the restaurant scene to new heights, outstripping even larger cities like Playa Del Carmen. The growth is evident in the proliferation of gourmet cafes and shops, epitomizing Tulum’s transformation into a gastronomic haven.

Bohemian Shopping Experience

What's Shaping Tulum's Real Estate Market Today?

Tulum’s shopping scene exudes chic bohemian vibes. Artisans offer locally-made hammocks, baskets, and handcrafted items fashioned from tropical hardwoods. Quaint boutiques line the beach road, offering discerning visitors an array of choices. In Tulum town, traditional souvenirs cater to those seeking authentic mementos.

Financing Real Estate Ventures in Tulum

In-depth insights into financing options for real estate in Mexico are available in our dedicated article. While Mexico predominantly operates as a cash market for real estate transactions, some developers may extend payment plans. Investigate the available options, factoring in your financial strategy.

Connecting Tulum and the Cancun Airport

Commute convenience between Tulum and the Cancun Airport is assured, streamlining accessibility for visitors and investors alike. For a comprehensive guide on navigating this route, refer to our guide detailing transportation from the Cancun Airport to Tulum.

Contemplating Tulum Investment?

Prospective investors are encouraged to conduct thorough research to facilitate wise decisions. While we don’t engage in real estate transactions on our platform, our approach prioritizes transparency and candid advice. We endeavor to equip you with factual insights to kickstart your investment journey.

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