April 6, 2024
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Tulum’s Architects Navigate Rapid Growth

TULUM, Mexico – The professionals in this field are deeply committed to the orderly and sustainable growth of Tulum, which is currently experiencing rapid development on a grand scale.

Francisco Javier Galindo Rojas, a pioneering member of the Tulum College of Engineers and Architects with 30 years of experience, highlighted that the college was established in parallel with the municipalization of Tulum. The guild has actively engaged in creating municipality planning programs.

“We have made an effort to attend all presentations and events related to urban development and planning. We want this growth to be well-organized. Unfortunately, rapid development is gaining ground, but we believe that with dedication and hard work, we can achieve orderly growth,” he emphasized.

When asked about the longstanding growth in Tulum and the acceleration due to federal mega-projects, he stressed the need for strategic planning. These large-scale projects will require pre-planned infrastructure.

Tulum's Architects Navigate Rapid Growth

He pointed out that architecture has always played a crucial role in society. The college is actively promoting architectural education, both in private and public institutions, to ensure that the profession maintains the required standards.

Furthermore, he mentioned that the new University of Technology in Tulum is contributing to the influence of architecture in the region’s education.

He encouraged current and future generations interested in this field to approach it with mindfulness, as modern technology tends to erode the essence of the traditional architect.

“Tulum is becoming increasingly tourist-oriented, but our goal is for architectural education to integrate with the university curriculum, fostering ecological awareness, which is paramount,” he explained.

Tulum's Architects Navigate Rapid Growth

Regarding the common notion that classrooms for this profession are overcrowded, he commented that this phenomenon was observed in his time as well. However, due to the challenging nature of the field, many students gradually veer towards other disciplines, leading to a lower graduation rate.

In his era, he recalled, out of an initial 100 students, only around 10 would successfully complete their architectural studies.


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