This Tulum Hotel Has Been Named One Of The Most Artistic In The World

July 21, 2024
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This Tulum Hotel Has Been Named One Of The Most Artistic In The World

This Tulum Hotel Has Been Named One Of The Most Artistic In The World

This Tulum Hotel Has Been Named One Of The Most Artistic In The World

The Azulik Hotel has merged the concept of hospitality and art, as the hotel became an important place for Mexican artists display their work.

Azulik Hotel, Tulum, Mexico

There are many reasons to visit Tulum, Mexico. The place became a top-tier destination thanks to its fantastic beaches, natural cenotes, chill lifestyle, and great restaurants. Unsurprisingly, the beach town has attracted many incredible hotels, some of which stand out among competitors. The Azulik Hotel, for example, has been named by the Prix Villegiature 2022 one of the best hotels in the Artistic Universe category. The list also features another Mexican hotel in Zacatecas, the Hotel Santa Rita.

The Azulik Hotel became famous on social media among digital influencers thanks to its Instagrammable spots. The hotel impresses guests with its boho chic design, but it is much more than that.

Where Hospitality Meets Art

The Artistic Universe title is given to hotels with innovative designs and artwork. The Azulik Hotel was designed to celebrate Mexican ancient history and traditions through its concept. They define the building as an “immersive work of art” with irregular lines and organic architecture.

The hotel is also an essential spot for contemporary Mexican artists, as it showcases their artwork. The Azulik Hotel has two exhibition rooms where the public can see paintings and sculptures without leaving the hotel.

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The Rooms Were Designed To Minimize Technology

The hotel is strategically located between the jungle and the ocean and was built using ancestral techniques with local materials. The villas were designed to mitigate the use of technologies, so there’s no air-conditioning, and they use candles instead of electric illumination, which reduces light pollution. According to the hotel, artificial lights significantly impact local animals, such as sea turtles, that depend on the moonlight to guide them during the breeding season.

Humans also benefit from the lack of electricity in the rooms, as it creates a more relaxing environment. On top of that, the rooms are decorated with furniture made with materials found in the country.

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The Private Villas

The Azulik Hotel features 48 wooden villas overlooking the ocean or the Mayan jungle. They were designed to help guests reconnect with themselves, and they will likely encounter animals such as raccoons, iguanas, and lizards—the prices per night start at $355.

Their most famous accommodation is the Aqua Villa, nestled in the hotel’s most private area; this villa features indoor waterways, an elevated bed, and geometrical mirrors. The private terrace has a hot tub with an ocean view and a private staircase to the beach, and it is also the only room with air conditioning.

The Azulik hotel also has other impressive accommodations:

  • Sea Villa: It’s the closest to the coast, and guests will sleep and wake up to the sound of the waves. Guests also have a private terrace where they can enjoy the proximity to the ocean in a luxurious villa.

  • Sky Villa: Nestled on a hilltop overlooking the Caribbean sea, the Sky Villa is the perfect choice for couples looking for a romantic getaway and quietly waking up with the sunrise. As the hotel mitigates electricity use, the private terrace is a privileged spot for stargazing.
  • Moon Villa: The room features a round bed, a stone waterfall, and a private deck.

  • Jungle Villa: This villa is surrounded by the Maya jungle, and it’s located near the House of Ancestral Medicine, the Mayan Spa, and IKAL. It also features a large bed, a terrace, and an outdoor tub. It’s definitely a place for guests who want to relax.

  • Mayan Villa: They describe it as the “search for creativity, a pathway to find inspiration, optimism, vitality, and freedom.” As the Mayan jungle surrounds the place, guests will feel connected with nature.

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They’ve Reinterpreted Ancient Culinary Traditions

The Azulik Hotel has three restaurants, each of which has a different concept. It’s an excellent opportunity for travelers staying elsewhere but still wanting to have a glimpse of the hotel and check if the place lives up to the hype.

Kin Toh

Azulik’s restaurants are easily recognized by the tables built inside a giant nest on the top of a tree. Kin Toh is probably the most Instagrammable restaurant in Tulum, and the place also features an indoor space where guests can enjoy privacy in a cozy environment. They describe their cuisine as “holistic” and use local organic ingredients to create dishes that combine ancient traditions and modern cuisine. They offer a three-course menu with a starter, main course and dessert. Reservations are highly recommended.

  • Set menu price: $3,480.00 MXN (approximately $172.28)

Tseen Ja

This restaurant combines traditional Japanese gastronomy with Mexican ingredients. The private tables are also built inside nests overlooking the jungle, where guests can watch the sunset and enjoy the evening with music. The menu features creative dishes such as scallops with jaguar’s milk, ciricote flowers, and grilled cactus.

Jungle Gastronomy

The place describes itself as a culinary proposal, and the dishes are created with fresh ingredients and aim to help guests to connect with themselves. They believe the ingredients are healing, and the five-course menu is personalized, based on the guests’ preferences and restrictions. Having dinner at Jungle Gastronomy is an experience that stimulates all senses, and the dishes are presentations jaw-dropping.

They are open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but guests should make a reservation on their website.

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