Land Values Skyrocket as Tren Maya Sweeps Through Jacinto Pat Ejido

July 12, 2024
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Land Values Skyrocket as Tren Maya Sweeps Through Jacinto Pat Ejido

Land Values Skyrocket as Tren Maya Sweeps Through Jacinto Pat Ejido

Discover how Tren Maya fuels a real estate surge in Jacinto Pat Ejido, Quintana Roo. Uncover the secrets of economic growth and ecotourism prospects in this vibrant region.
Land Values Skyrocket as Tren Maya Sweeps Through Jacinto Pat Ejido

TULUM, México – In the vibrant landscape of Quintana Roo’s Jacinto Pat ejido, the transformative power of the Tren Maya project is evident. According to Luis Reyes Kumul Pat, the ejido commissioner, land values have soared by up to 80 percent since the inception of this monumental endeavor. This unprecedented surge in property prices has provided an economic boon to both ejidatarios and outsiders who have embraced the vision of progress.

Before this grand development unfolded, a residential settlement had already been established, catering to the needs of both ejidatarios and individuals from neighboring areas. However, recent months have witnessed a remarkable upswing in land prices. Although Luis Reyes Kumul Pat refrains from providing specific figures, he notes that land values have fluctuated significantly, leading them to exercise discretion in their disclosure for security reasons.

Additionally, the Tren Maya project has sparked anticipation of a thriving ecotourism sector in the region. The Dos Ojos theme park, owned by the ejido cooperative and featuring a plethora of cenotes in both cave and open-air settings, stands poised to benefit from this development. Visitors can partake in a myriad of aquatic activities, amplifying the allure of the region as an eco-adventure destination.

Luis Reyes Kumul Pat emphasizes that the ejido cooperative comprises 173 ejidatarios, who collectively reap the benefits of the Tren Maya project. In his opinion, this shared success story will reverberate throughout the entire state of Quintana Roo and the Yucatán Peninsula.

Regarding the progress of the Tren Maya project on their lands, Luis Reyes Kumul Pat reveals that the construction has reached an impressive 80 percent completion milestone in the area.

“In terms of the Tren Maya, we have reached 80 percent progress. I firmly believe that this is a monumental project initiated by the President of the Republic. As stakeholders in the tourism industry, we envision it as a catalyst for overall community development,” affirms Luis Reyes Kumul Pat.

The Tulum Times will continue to monitor the evolution of the Tren Maya project in Jacinto Pat ejido and its far-reaching implications for the region’s economy, land values, and ecotourism prospects. With its transformative power and potential to shape the future, this project promises to be a game-changer for Quintana Roo and the entire Yucatán Peninsula.

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