April 6, 2024
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Upcoming Launch of Tulum’s “Felipe Carrillo Puerto” Airport Ignites Anticipation

TULUM, Mexico – The impending launch of the novel “Felipe Carrillo Puerto” International Airport in Tulum, slated for December, promises a tapestry of shared prosperity, social equity, direct and indirect job creation, and an unequivocal amplification of the central and southern sectors of the state. These affirmations were voiced by Governor Mara Lezama Espinosa during her conference with the key figures supervising the airport project and state officials.

In a constructive assembly with General DEM Division Commander René Trujillo Miranda, the CEO of Olmeca-Maya, S.A. de C.V., the Airport and Rail Auxiliary and Related Services Group, a range of collaborative measures were outlined to ensure seamless operation of the new airport.

Together with department heads from various divisions of the State Government, a comprehensive agenda was outlined to address pivotal subjects, including road connectivity, cooperative prospects for transportation services and roadside assistance, enhancements to ensure robust connectivity and seamless communication, and the establishment of a fire station.

Mara Lezama, the Governor of Quintana Roo, also highlighted the harmonious synergy between the Government of Mexico and the state in realizing this endeavor, which will culminate in the fourth airport for Quintana Roo, initially catering to approximately 6,400 passengers within its inaugural week.

Upcoming Launch of Tulum's

Additionally, she underscored that airlines such as Viva Aerobus, Aeroméxico, and the newly onboarded Mexicana de Aviación have already confirmed operations from the very first day of December at the Tulum airport. “Furthermore, we are confident that others from around the globe will progressively join,” she accentuated.

In confirmation, General Trujillo Miranda articulated that “Felipe Carrillo Puerto” will commence operations on the 1st of December, necessitating meticulous organization of the inauguration process. He delineated that the facilities encompass passenger terminals, the longest runway in the country, and a distinct Fixed Base Operator (FBO) terminal catering exclusively to private flights.

Tourism Secretary Bernardo Cueto Riestra was an active participant, reminiscing about Tulum’s hotel potential, which boasts around 20,000 rooms, supplemented by those in the adjacent Riviera Maya, the sphere influenced by the novel airport, along with Bacalar and Chetumal.

A convocation of other esteemed individuals also attended the conference, including Major Gpo. PA DEMA Javier Diego Campillo, Administrator of the Tulum Airport; Col. I.C. Rodolfo Paz Sánchez, On-site Engineer for Phase 2; Myr. FAIA Andrés López Velázquez, Operations Manager; Artemio Santos, Chief of the Governor’s Office; Cristina Torres Gómez, Secretary of Government; Diego Castañón, Mayor of Tulum; and Armando Lara De Nigris and Ángel Rivero, the Governor’s Personal Secretaries.


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