April 6, 2024
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Tulum’s Skyline Transformed With The Observation Tower

TULUM, Mexico – Visitors traveling along the federal highway will soon have access not only to the Tulum archaeological site but also to the newly expanded section of the Jaguar National Park. This announcement came during a recent tour of the municipality by Román Meyer Falcón, the head of the Ministry of Agrarian, Territorial, and Urban Development (Sedatu).

Meyer Falcón emphasized the commencement of new projects, with one notable addition being a dedicated observation tower. He shared insights into the substantial investments made, stating that approximately 2 billion pesos are being allocated to various infrastructure developments within the Jaguar National Park. “We conduct inspections every 15 days to monitor progress, as time is of the essence. However, we are confident that we can open the park by the end of the year,” he assured.

During an interview conducted as part of his inspection tour, the federal official provided specific details about ongoing construction projects. One of the key undertakings is the connection of the Tulum station of the Maya Train to the Jaguar National Park. This connection will span nearly 800 linear meters, facilitating easy access from the train station to the park’s final section. Additionally, a new deceleration lane is being built on the road leading to the park, offering two entry points, one from the train station and the other from the highway. This comprehensive effort includes the construction of a roundabout and a dedicated deceleration lane.

Tulum's Skyline Transformed With The Observation Tower

Meyer Falcón highlighted the construction of an observation tower, a notable addition to the 300 new hectares designated as part of the Protected Natural Area. This tower will provide unobstructed views of the Tulum archaeological site and the entire park. Regarding the southern access viewpoint, he explained its symbolic importance as it positions one of the main entrances alongside the central access, where the new Museum of Maya Culture will be located, and the northern access to the Maya Train station. Standing at a towering height of 19 meters, tourists will have a panoramic view of the archaeological site, the Jaguar National Park’s pristine beaches, and a breathtaking vista of Tulum City.

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Importantly, Meyer Falcón emphasized that access to these structures will be complimentary, serving as a reference point for tourists to purchase tickets for the archaeological site. This collaborative effort is being coordinated with the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) and the Secretariat of National Defense (Sedena), with the latter entity tasked with operating the Jaguar National Park.

Tulum's Skyline Transformed With The Observation Tower

This ambitious initiative promises to enhance the tourism experience in Tulum, offering visitors a unique opportunity to explore the natural beauty and cultural heritage of the region while promoting sustainable practices and preservation efforts. As the projects near completion, anticipation mounts for the grand unveiling of these new attractions, which are set to enrich the Tulum experience for locals and tourists alike.


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