April 6, 2024
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Tulum’s Pledge to Enhance Quality of Life Through Public Works

TULUM, México – The Tulum Times is thrilled to report on a remarkable achievement for the Tulum municipal government. The Ayuntamiento de Tulum has recently been awarded a prestigious distinction by the IDAIP (Instituto de Acceso a la Información y Protección de Datos Personales) in recognition of its exemplary financial management and unwavering commitment to transparency in the utilization of public funds, particularly in response to citizens’ requests for information.

Diego Castañón Trejo, the driving force behind Tulum’s administrative prowess, expressed his pride in the accolade, emphasizing that it reflects the remarkable stewardship exercised within the municipal government. Every department operates with meticulous control over the allocation of each peso from the municipal treasury, ensuring it is put to its best use for the benefit of the community.

Castañón Trejo underlined the extent of transparency practiced within the administration, setting a goal to surpass one billion pesos in property tax revenue by the year 2023. This ambitious target is a testament to the trust that the community places in the Ayuntamiento, given that they can see their hard-earned money being reinvested in public projects that are in high demand among the local population.

Tulum's Pledge to Enhance Quality of Life Through Public Works

The municipal president went on to elucidate that the upcoming year, 2024, holds even more promising plans for Tulum. These plans encompass a host of new public works initiatives, all designed to enhance the overall quality of life for Tulum’s cherished residents, reaffirming the enduring commitment of the Ayuntamiento de Tulum to its citizens’ welfare.

Tulum's Pledge to Enhance Quality of Life Through Public Works

With transparency and fiscal responsibility as their guiding principles, the Ayuntamiento de Tulum is setting an exemplary standard for municipal governance, proving that public funds can be effectively managed and transformed into tangible improvements for the community. The honor bestowed upon them by the IDAIP serves as a resounding validation of their dedication to the people of Tulum.


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