April 6, 2024
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Tulum’s Path to Modernization and Sustainability

TULUM, Mexico – In a bid to create a more modern, inclusive, accessible, and environmentally friendly Tulum, the Technical Directorate of Instruments and Projects under the leadership of Diego Castañón Trejo, within the General Planning Directorate of the government, has unveiled two pilot projects: “Satellite Promenade” and “Polar West Street Renewal.”

For instance, along Polar Street, between Alfa and Satellite Avenue, plans are underway to create universally accessible sidewalks for all vulnerable individuals. This initiative aims to provide a safe journey for visually impaired individuals in the company of assistance, as well as those who rely on wheelchairs.

The government led by Diego Castañón intends to elevate Tulum’s spaces to a level where they can be enjoyed by people from all walks of life.

Tulum's Path to Modernization and Sustainability

Furthermore, apart from making these spaces inclusive and accessible, the government also seeks to make them green, aligning Tulum, the capital of the Mayan Caribbean, with sustainable and eco-friendly goals.

Inclusive signage for bicycles is also in the works, alongside the provision of bays for cyclists in Tulum to conveniently park their bicycles.

Regarding the Satellite Promenade pilot project, there are plans to enhance pedestrian safety through a reorganization plan in the initial phase, serving as a model for Satellite Avenue, stretching from Bubul-lek Street to Andromeda Street.

As of now, both proposals are in the hands of the Public Works Directorate, where they will undergo thorough analysis. Once approved, construction could commence as early as late October or early November.

Tulum's Path to Modernization and Sustainability

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With these and various other initiatives, the government of Diego Castañón Trejo envisions Tulum as a modern, accessible, and sustainable destination, in line with the desires of both its citizens and tourists.


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