April 6, 2024
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Tulum’s Nighttime Safety Measures Remain Unaltered

TULUM, Mexico – Mayor Diego Castañón Trejo, alongside Secretary of Public Safety, Traffic, and Firefighters, Ricardo Morales Santo, unveiled a series of measures aimed at curbing high-impact crimes, fortifying police checkpoints, implementing surprise inspections at establishments, combatting extortion, and exercising stringent control over parties. These developments were presented to the local business community, including entrepreneurs and investors, as part of the ongoing efforts to enhance security and prosperity in the region.

One of the key announcements made by Mayor Castañón Trejo is that there will be no alterations to the operating hours of bars and restaurants. Along the coastal zone, these establishments will continue operating until 1 a.m., while in the central area, they will extend their services until 2 a.m. This strategic move has notably contributed to the reduction in the incidence of homicides and high-impact crimes. The mayor emphasized the substantial control that has been established over nighttime criminal activities.

Tulum's Nighttime Safety Measures Remain Unaltered

Furthermore, the upcoming days will witness even stricter controls on parties held both within and outside the jungle, requiring permits and oversight from the Armed Forces. The municipal police checkpoints will also extend their operational hours from 12 to 24 hours to ensure enhanced vigilance and security.

Secretary Morales Santo highlighted the success of surprise inspections, which have effectively identified criminals masquerading as employees in bars and restaurants, intending to peddle narcotics. The authorities are determined not only to deter but also to apprehend and prosecute members of organized crime who intimidate entrepreneurs, workers, and hotel and restaurant patrons.

Tulum's Nighttime Safety Measures Remain Unaltered

Addressing concerns related to the safety of construction workers, Mayor Castañón Trejo revealed that significant strides have been made in combating extortionists thanks to public reports. “With the invaluable support of the Secretariat of the Navy, we apprehended extortionist gangs in two major developments, owing to coordinated, tactical, and intelligence-driven efforts,” he stated. The mayor expressed his gratitude for the cooperation and backing of the private sector in fostering peace and tranquility in Tulum.

These multifaceted initiatives underscore the commitment of the local authorities to ensure the well-being of both residents and visitors, bolstering the reputation of Tulum as a safe and attractive destination.


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