April 6, 2024
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Tulum’s Innovative Sargassum Project Sets New Environmental Standards

TULUM, Mexico – In a significant stride toward combatting the relentless invasion of sargassum seaweed along the pristine shores of Tulum, Grisel Mateus García, the Director of Revenue for the Tulum Municipality, has announced the allocation of a substantial sum of 7,259,995 pesos from the Environmental Sanitation Rights Fund. These funds have been earmarked for the acquisition of specialized vehicles and equipment, integral to a comprehensive project aimed at diverting a minimum of 33 percent of the incoming macroalgae from the coastline.

In an exclusive interview, Mateus García elaborated on the multifaceted project set to unfold over the course of four months. During this timeframe, a series of strategic measures will be undertaken, encompassing monitoring, interception, and redirection of the sargassum seaweed toward the Gulf of Mexico, as well as the collection of crucial samples for scientific research.

“The overarching goal is to effectively reroute the sargassum towards the currents near Cozumel, which will, in turn, carry it out into the Gulf of Mexico,” emphasized the dedicated official.

Tulum's Innovative Sargassum Project Sets New Environmental Standards

Furthermore, Mateus García shared insight into the sophisticated equipment procured for this undertaking, which includes the deployment of tethered balloons. These airborne sentinels will provide a continuous overview of sargassum concentrations in open waters.

“These balloons will not only facilitate extended monitoring of approaching sargassum to the Quintana Roo coastline but also offer pinpoint accuracy in identifying its whereabouts,” she added.

The Director stressed the pioneering nature of this initiative, as Tulum becomes the first municipality to integrate such cutting-edge technology into its battle against the relentless sargassum infestation, safeguarding the state’s precious coastal assets.

In a final announcement, Mateus García disclosed the acquisition of three fully-equipped trucks with open-bed trailers, along with two all-terrain vehicles and specialized seaweed collection equipment.

Tulum's Innovative Sargassum Project Sets New Environmental Standards

The allocation of these resources signifies Tulum’s unwavering commitment to preserving its renowned beaches and ensuring an idyllic experience for locals and tourists alike.

This ambitious endeavor serves as a testament to Tulum’s determination to remain at the forefront of environmental conservation and sustainable coastal management.


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