April 6, 2024
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Tulum’s Housing Challenges Amid Tren Maya Expansion

TULUM, Mexico – The rapid expansion of Tulum, spurred in part by major infrastructure projects such as the Tren Maya, has exposed the town’s insufficient housing and public services capacity, according to Carlos Salas Minaya, the municipal director of Urban Development.

While working in collaboration with the private sector to provide adequate housing solutions for the region, Minaya acknowledged that the recent decline in tourism has slowed down investment opportunities.

Despite this setback, he emphasized that entrepreneurs maintain their trust in Tulum’s potential and are actively engaged in the development of various projects, particularly in the areas of vacation rentals and residential communities. Furthermore, Minaya revealed that there is a growing demand for projects catering to social housing needs, particularly on the outskirts of town.

David Ortiz Mena, the President of the Tulum Hotel Association, stressed the urgency of expanding the sewage system, which currently serves only 54% of the population. Tulum is experiencing one of the highest population growth rates in the entire state, surpassing 22%. Consequently, Ortiz Mena emphasized the pressing need for local authorities to address these challenges promptly, while also ensuring access to suitable housing and enhancing security measures.

Tulum's Housing Challenges Amid Tren Maya Expansion

“One of the most pressing challenges in Tulum is the shortage of housing. The municipality is facing a severe deficit, with over 7,500 families living in irregular conditions,” Ortiz Mena stated.

Moreover, the town is grappling with a 24% labor shortage due to insufficient accommodations for workers.

Ortiz Mena also highlighted the significant impact of vacation rentals on the housing market. “Platforms like these have driven up housing costs and contributed to the scarcity of homes for local workers and law enforcement.”

Tulum’s growth has been remarkable, but it has also exposed vulnerabilities in its infrastructure and housing sectors. As the town continues to attract investment and visitors, addressing these issues becomes paramount to ensure sustainable growth and prosperity for its residents.


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