April 6, 2024
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Tulum’s Game-Changing Airport Opens Doors

TULUM, Mexico – In the final stretch of preparations for the opening of the “Felipe Carrillo Puerto” International Airport in Tulum, Captain Luis Fernando Arizmendi Hernández, a member of the “Felipe Ángeles” Engineers group responsible for the terminal’s construction, provided crucial details on the development and progress of this significant infrastructure.

During a media tour, which included The Tulum Times, Captain Arizmendi Hernández emphasized that the project involved acquiring 1,500 hectares in the municipality of Felipe Carrillo Puerto. Of these, 1,200 were allocated to the existing infrastructure, and 300 to a 12.5-kilometer interconnection roadway from Federal Highway 307 to the airport’s first access roundabout.

He added that the second access roundabout features welcome letters and the passenger terminal, the largest building in the complex, boasting over 70,000 square meters of construction and more than 1,400 square meters for commercial spaces. This terminal has the capacity to accommodate 5.5 million passengers annually in its initial growth phase. Noteworthy is the presence of a sculpture of Felipe Carrillo Puerto, renowned for his commitment to the rights of the Mayan people, located in the vicinity of the terminal.

Tulum's Game-Changing Airport Opens Doors

In a discussion with us, Captain Arizmendi Hernández underscored that the planning of this infrastructure was carried out by the Army Corps of Engineers and approved by the Federal Aviation Civil Agency. The operational start date is scheduled for December 1, 2023. He also highlighted the commitment of the National Defense Secretariat in constructing federal government military projects for the benefit of Mexico’s development, aligning with this magnificent endeavor. Additionally, he informed us about the connection of the airport complex to Tulum’s airport through an existing roadway of 7.5 km and a Mayan trail taking approximately 15 to 20 minutes.

The construction commenced on June 13, 2023, generating over 17,000 civilian jobs and deploying more than 1000 units of heavy machinery and rolling stock. The airport holds the necessary certifications authorized by the Federal Aviation Civil Agency. Regarding test flights, a series of operational tests, common before the official commencement of airport operations, have been conducted without specifying the exact number of flights. He emphasized that this project signifies a significant advancement for the region, promoting economic and tourist development in Quintana Roo, contributing to the country’s airport infrastructure growth, and reaffirming the military sector’s commitment to strategic projects for Mexico.


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