April 6, 2024
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Tulum’s Felipe Carrillo Puerto Airport Set to Host Military Air Base

TULUM, Mexico – In a significant development, the Mexican National Defense Secretariat is currently in the process of constructing the 20th Military Air Base (BAM) named after General Brigadier P.A. Samuel Carlos Rojas Rasso at the Felipe Carrillo Puerto International Airport in Tulum. This strategic endeavor aims to bolster surveillance operations conducted by the National Defense Secretariat in the surrounding region.

Prior to this initiative, the Riviera Maya lacked adequate airport infrastructure capable of withstanding and assisting during severe hydro-meteorological events. Hence, this project is poised to become a crucial focal point for addressing meteorological contingencies.

The Military Air Base will serve the essential function of airspace surveillance in the southeastern border region, playing a pivotal role as a strategic logistical hub for disaster relief efforts. It will operate in tandem with the Navy Secretariat, integrated into a military-naval installation, each with its own dedicated infrastructure.

Tulum's Felipe Carrillo Puerto Airport Set to Host Military Air Base

This facility will also house aerial surveillance aircraft, fixed-wing planes, and interception helicopters, all complemented by a sophisticated radar system. The comprehensive facilities at the Military Air Base will include a command center, hangars for fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft storage and maintenance, a platform control tower, a surveillance radar system, an extended platform, and various operational and living accommodations. These resources will enable the base to provide vital services such as airspace surveillance, interception of illicit aircraft, evacuation of affected individuals, and aerial supply during hurricanes and forest fire combat.

Furthermore, the construction and operation of the Military Air Base and International Airport in Tulum are projected to generate a substantial number of jobs, with an estimated 28,217 employment opportunities anticipated, comprising 7,695 direct positions and 20,522 indirect positions. This development is of paramount importance because the BAM facilities play a crucial role in monitoring the country’s southeastern border, serving as a linchpin for disaster relief efforts and the prioritized implementation of the Civil Population Assistance Plan in Disaster Cases (DNIIIE).

The essence of this project lies in averting the risk of being unable to aid the injured and affected individuals, transporting cargo, distributing provisions and essential items, conducting search and rescue operations, or addressing any other needs that the population might require.


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