April 6, 2024
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Tulum’s 15th Anniversary: Diego Castañón’s Inspiring Tale of Accomplishments and a Promising Tomorrow

In an atmosphere of pride and jubilation, over 4,000 residents of Tulum commemorated the 15th anniversary of the establishment of the Municipality of Tulum on Tuesday, during a Public and Solemn Session that highlighted the values, achievements, and opportunities of the capital of the Mayan Caribbean.

At precisely 11 a.m., the municipal syndic and the councilors of Tulum welcomed Mayan dignitaries, ejido commissioners, municipal delegates and subdelegates, representatives from the education, cultural, scientific, sports, hotel, and business sectors, as well as authorities from all three levels of government.

During the opening of the Public and Solemn Session, in the presence of the Governor of Quintana Roo, Mara Lezama Espinosa, the Mayor of Tulum, Diego Castañón Trejo, emphasized the long history preceding the current generation of Tulum residents.

“I admire and deeply appreciate your participation in this project of serving the people of Tulum in this land of fulfilled dreams and accomplished goals,” expressed the mayor. “In Tulum, we are writing a new story, a story in which all voices are heard and all visions are respected.”

Tulum's 15th Anniversary: Diego Castañón's Inspiring Tale of Accomplishments and a Promising Tomorrow

The celebration, marked by the publication of the decree creating the ninth municipality of Quintana Roo on May 29, 2008, was hosted by Mayan artisans and the Diablillas de Hondzonot, who, according to Castañón Trejo, “play an important part in making Tulum shine in the eyes of the world.”

During the Public and Solemn Session, which was attended by the heads of the Legislative and Judicial Powers, Renán Sánchez Tajonar and Heyden José Cebada Rivas, respectively, recognitions were awarded to the founders of this tourist destination: Clara Gómez Dameza, Martiniano Pech Balam, Víctor Balam Catzin, Eduardo Borges Caamal, Maria Lourdes Balam Canul, César Portilla Rosado, and the late Mayor, Marciano Dzul Caamal.

“I firmly believe in unity over division and in the common interest over personal and individual interests,” highlighted Castañón Trejo before honoring the pioneers. “In this regard, I would like to acknowledge the perspective that our distinguished governor has successfully implemented: shared prosperity with social justice.”

In her speech, the District IX Deputy and official speaker at the event, Silvia Dzul Sánchez, recognized in Mayan and Spanish languages the achievements of Tulum throughout history.

“The community that began with only 10 palapas is now a destination with a tourist infrastructure of 11,000 rooms that welcomes over 1.7 million travelers annually,” she affirmed. “But in addition to the economic growth, Tulum is also an accumulation of stories that have given life to the city we know today.”

Meanwhile, Governor Mara Lezama described Tulum as a “prodigious municipality of growth and development.”

“Tulum has made its mark in the tourism world not only because of its natural beauty and historical legacy but also by finding its own space, a niche market that combines nature with exclusivity, luxury, and has gained worldwide fame,” expressed the governor.

She added that Tulum is strategically located at the heart of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s emblematic project, the Tren Maya, and within the sphere of influence of the Felipe Carrillo Puerto International Airport.

“Tulum will be in close proximity to two airports that, by joining forces, will transport at least 35 million passengers per year,” she stated. “This will signify, and I say this on this 15th anniversary, a new leap in the municipality’s development.”

Diego Castañón expressed gratitude to Governor Mara Lezama and the President of the Republic for their unparalleled support.

“They are leading us towards the future and development,” stated the mayor.

Leading the 15th anniversary of the Municipality of Tulum were the municipal syndic, María Teresa Arana Sánchez; the first councilor, David Manances Tah Balam; the second councilor, Beatriz Anahí Mendoza Samos; the third councilor, Martin Dzib Chimal; the fourth councilor, Fany Adriana Gallegos Sánchez; the fifth councilor, Carlos Adolfo Coral Basulto; the sixth councilor, Paulina Yadira Malpica Yáñez; the seventh councilor, Víctor Mas Tah; the eighth councilor, Eva Rosely Rocha Geded; the ninth councilor, Ivan Alfredo Dzul Cabañas, and the General Secretary of the Municipality, Jorge Alberto Portilla Mánica.


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