April 6, 2024
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Tulum’s $10M Investment: What’s Changing?

TULUM, Mexico – In a significant step toward enhancing the infrastructure of Tulum, the Municipal President, Diego Castañón Trejo, fulfilled a longstanding commitment as he inaugurated the commencement of the rehabilitation work on the access road to Punta Allen. The project, funded with approximately $10,494,031.73 pesos from the municipality’s own resources, marks a substantial investment in the region’s development.

The Mayor emphasized the objective of this extensive rehabilitation, stating that it aims to modernize Tulum’s urban infrastructure. The primary purpose is to prepare the city to welcome a growing number of tourists expected to arrive via the upcoming Tren Maya (Maya Train) and the new Tulum International Airport, both of which are flagship projects of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador and Governor Mara Lezama.

Addressing the gathered crowd, the Mayor expressed his commitment to the people of Tulum, who have long endured suboptimal road conditions. He emphasized the importance of delivering this project with the highest quality and aesthetics, which will be demanded by the increasing volume of visitors arriving in the municipality through rail and air travel, thanks to the Fourth Transformation.

Tulum's $10M Investment: What's Changing?

Simultaneously, Santos Hipólito Tuz Chi, the Director of Public Works Oversight, provided insights into the project’s details. The extensive investment of approximately $10,494,031.73 pesos will significantly enhance the road’s quality and weather resistance, benefiting a substantial number of residents and visitors. The intention is clear: not only to beautify Tulum further but also to ensure that the works serve the local community and promote responsible tourism.

The Mayor highlighted the shift in economic dynamics, stating that, “In the past, the profits from tourism were concentrated in the hands of a few. Today, in Tulum, with the Fourth Transformation, prosperity will be shared among all.”

Tulum's $10M Investment: What's Changing?

This critical initiative aligns with Tulum’s vision for sustainable development and improved access, ultimately making it more attractive to tourists and investors alike. As the modernization of infrastructure progresses, Tulum takes a significant stride toward its commitment to both residents and visitors. With the rehabilitation of the access road to Punta Allen, the city positions itself as a prime destination for those arriving via the transformative projects of the Tren Maya and the new Tulum International Airport. The future of Tulum looks brighter than ever.


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