April 6, 2024
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Tulum Municipality Enhances Efficiency with New Computer Equipment

TULUM, México – Tulum’s Mayor, Diego Castañón Trejo, spearheaded the distribution of state-of-the-art computer equipment and diverse hardware to the various administrative departments of the Municipality. The investment for these upgrades amounted to a substantial sum of $4,199,769 pesos, sourced from local revenue.

Prior to the official ceremony, Mayor Castañón Trejo emphasized the commitment to deliver more efficient services to the residents of Tulum. “We want the community to witness our dedication to serving each and every one of you. This new equipment will significantly improve citizen services, expedite administrative procedures, and contribute to overall productivity. As your Mayor, we will continue supporting our families and pushing forward with projects that enhance the quality of life for all,” he declared.

Antonio Miranda Miranda, the Municipality’s Chief Officer, expressed his enthusiasm about this delivery of cutting-edge technology, highlighting its importance in contributing to the administration’s objective of providing high-quality services without complications. “Today, we are providing the various administrative departments with new computer equipment, in accordance with the instructions of our Mayor. The acquisition of these resources was made possible through our own funds, with an investment totaling $4,199,769 pesos,” he explained.

Tulum Municipality Enhances Efficiency with New Computer Equipment

The departments benefitting from this technological upgrade include Public Services, Welfare, Security and Citizen Protection, the President’s Office, First Councilor’s Office, Civil Protection and Fire Department, Municipal Controller’s Office, General Secretariat, Tourism and Economy, Municipal Treasury, and the Chief Officer’s Office.

The infusion of cutting-edge computer equipment and hardware into these departments will undoubtedly lead to a multitude of advantages. The upgraded systems will facilitate faster and more accurate data processing, streamline administrative procedures, and enable better collaboration among staff members. Additionally, it will empower the employees to deliver services of higher quality and efficiency, ultimately benefiting the citizens of Tulum.

This investment in technology aligns with the municipality’s commitment to continuous improvement and dedication to meeting the needs of its residents. By harnessing the power of advanced computing tools, Tulum is taking strides towards becoming a technologically advanced and responsive administration.


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