April 6, 2024
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Tulum Mayor Launches Massive Overhaul of Akumal Baseball Field

TULUM, Quintana Roo – The Mayor of Tulum, Diego Castañón Trejo, recently spearheaded the commencement of comprehensive enhancements to the Akumal baseball field. Responding to the fervent appeals of local residents, the project aims to revitalize the sports facility, fostering a culture of athleticism and camaraderie among the inhabitants of this delegation.

The mayor’s resolute determination to fulfill his promises was evident as he addressed the gathered crowd during the ceremonial inauguration. Flanked by the esteemed Silvia Dzul Sánchez, the legislator for the IX District, Castañón Trejo declared, “We said we would return, and here we are. We have returned to Akumal to initiate this endeavor, which belongs to each and every one of you. Promoting sports is of paramount importance to me, and today, alongside the exceptional team from the Tulum City Council, I am honoring my commitment to you all.”

To ensure the fulfillment of their obligations to the people of Akumal, municipal authorities have allocated $3,496,822.31 from the Ramo 33 (FAISMUN) budget for the construction. The project is expected to span a 90-day timeline, during which the existing dome and stands will undergo a comprehensive refurbishment. Moreover, the baseball field will be entirely reconstructed, and a 3-meter-high ball rebound fence and perimeter enclosure will be erected.

Tulum Mayor Launches Massive Overhaul of Akumal Baseball Field

Later in the day, in the community of Chemuyil, Castañón Trejo bestowed sports uniforms upon the aspiring baseball players from this delegation. The emotionally charged ceremony witnessed the convergence of young boys, girls, parents, and enthusiastic spectators, as the mayor reiterated his unwavering support for the growth of Chemuyil. Jorge Quijada Chac, the local delegate, expressed his gratitude, stating, “I am grateful for everything you are doing for Chemuyil, particularly for supporting our baseball team. I hope we continue to have your unwavering support, dear Mayor.”

Continuing his tireless efforts to uplift various regions, the mayor initiated another significant infrastructure project in Chemuyil. The commencement of road pavement works for the access ramp to this delegation marked a pivotal moment, with an investment of $4,990,632.26 from the Ramo 28 fund.

“We will remain close to you. Our focus extends beyond the Tulum city center. We are dedicated to working in all delegations. It is our obligation. We are an administration driven by transparency and results,” proclaimed the mayor, highlighting the comprehensive nature of their commitment.

Tulum Mayor Launches Massive Overhaul of Akumal Baseball Field

Throughout this intensive day of work, several key figures played a crucial role in bringing these initiatives to fruition. Notable participants included María Teresa Arana Sánchez, the municipal syndic; Fanny Adriana Gallego Sánchez, Fourth Councilor; Paulina Yadira Malpica Yañez, Sixth Councilor; Araceli Díaz García, municipal comptroller; Antonio Miranda Miranda, chief officer; Lorenzo Bernabé Miranda, Director-General of Sustainable Urban Territorial Development; Jesús Alberto Sandy Interián, Director-General of Planning; Carlos Efraín Yama Moguel, Director-General of Public Infrastructure; Ricardo Morales Santos, Secretary of Public Security and Citizen Protection; Santos Diego Pech, delegate of Akumal; Audomaro Solís Pacheco; and Luis Ángel Cutz Che.

With these remarkable initiatives set in motion, Tulum is witnessing a wave of progress and transformation that promises to unite communities through the spirit of sport and vibrant infrastructure development.


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