April 6, 2024
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Tulum launches innovative tourism promotion with virtual reality

Tulum’s delegation at Fitur surprised the thousands of attendees by incorporating the most advanced virtual reality technology in its tourism promotion, so that potential tourists and businessmen can learn about the natural beauties offered by this tourist destination and delve into the Mayan culture of this municipality.

When interviewed, the director of Tourism of Tulum, Jorge Mario Molina, said that this strategy, for the first time incorporates communication “through the metaverse”.

“This is an idea achieved by Mayor Marciano Dzul Caamal, who is committed to technological innovation. Tulum presented in this edition of Fitur an “immersive” experience that transports potential travelers, interested in the Mayan Caribbean region, to tour all that Tulum has to offer, using visors,” the official informed.

“Our strategy now incorporates this new technology that was very well accepted at Fitur, so that new generations of travelers will decide to travel to Tulum,” said Molina Perez.
While this is an emerging virtual environment in some Latin American countries, this is not the case in cities such as Madrid and countries in the United States, Europe and Asia that are of interest to the Tulumán tourism sector.

“We are adopting the technology that will predominate in the next ten years, in a whole new generation, to transmit and share the essence, beauty and greatness of the Mayan culture there as well, so that together we return to the origin,” he explained.


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