April 6, 2024
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Tulum Joins Forces with Marines to Ensure Safety

TULUM, México – In an effort to fortify security measures, the tranquil shores of Tulum are set to welcome a reinforcement of no less than 20 Marine officers next month. The announcement came today from the office of Diego Castañón Trejo, the dedicated municipal leader committed to preserving the town’s serenity.

During a recent interview, Mayor Trejo affirmed the town’s ongoing commitment to seeking assistance whenever required to uphold the community’s tranquility. Consequently, additional personnel from the Marine division have been earnestly requested.

“We will continue to bring in support, as every effort contributes to the greater good,” Mayor Trejo asserted, acknowledging the relentless dedication of Ricardo Morales Santos, the Secretary of Public Safety, who tirelessly oversees operations 24/7, a vigilance that has already begun to quell criminal activities.

Tulum Joins Forces with Marines to Ensure Safety

“Remaining steadfast in our security measures is paramount; our vigilance must encompass every hour of every day,” emphasized Mayor Trejo. It is under this unwavering resolve that the Marine officers have been afforded the opportunity to augment their forces, thereby perpetuating the momentum of assistance.

Notably, just this past Monday, a call for applications was unveiled, beckoning between 15 to 20 new recruits to join the ranks of the Secretariat of Public Safety, reinforcing the existing cohort of 222 dedicated officers.

Tulum Joins Forces with Marines to Ensure Safety

As Tulum’s allure continues to draw in visitors seeking solace along its picturesque beaches, the commitment to a secure environment remains unshaken. The impending arrival of the Marine contingent stands as a testament to the town’s dedication to safeguarding its residents and cherished guests. The collaborative efforts of Mayor Trejo, Secretary Morales Santos, and the growing force of vigilant officers signal a united front against any disruptions to the harmony that Tulum holds dear.


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