April 6, 2024
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Tulum Authorities Crack Down on Crime for a Safer Paradise

TULUM, Mexico – In a significant development aimed at enhancing security and improving the overall well-being of Tulum’s residents and visitors, Mayor Diego Castañón Trejo, accompanied by Lieutenant Ricardo Morales Santo, the Secretary of Public Safety, Traffic, and Firefighters, unveiled a series of impactful measures during a meeting with local entrepreneurs and business leaders. These measures represent a proactive approach to tackling high-impact crimes, strengthening police oversight, conducting surprise inspections at establishments, combating extortion, and exercising greater control over gatherings and events.

Mayor Castañón Trejo reaffirmed the commitment of the Fourth Transformation to promote peace and tranquility for workers, entrepreneurs, businesswomen, and investors in Tulum. The Mayor’s announcement was met with keen interest from the assembled entrepreneurs, who were eager to learn about the positive changes coming to the area.

Tulum Authorities Crack Down on Crime for a Safer Paradise

One of the key takeaways from the meeting was the assurance that there would be no changes in the operating hours of restaurants and bars. Along the coastal area, establishments will continue to operate until 1 a.m., while in the central zone, they will remain open until 2 a.m. The Mayor emphasized that this measure had contributed significantly to reducing the incidence of homicides and high-impact crimes, particularly during the late-night hours.

Mayor Castañón Trejo also revealed plans for stricter controls on events held both inside and outside the jungle, which will now require permits and oversight by the Armed Forces. Additionally, the duration of municipal police checkpoints will be extended from 12 to 24 hours.

Furthermore, Secretary Morales Santo highlighted the success of surprise inspections, which have been instrumental in identifying criminals who infiltrate bars and restaurants as employees with the intention of selling narcotics. He stressed the importance of not merely deterring but also apprehending and prosecuting members of organized crime who intimidate entrepreneurs, workers, and customers in hotels and restaurants.

Tulum Authorities Crack Down on Crime for a Safer Paradise

Addressing concerns related to the safety of construction workers, Mayor Castañón Trejo commended the role of whistleblowers in dealing a significant blow to extortionists. He mentioned that, with the support of the Navy, law enforcement had successfully apprehended extortionist gangs operating in two major developments. The Mayor urged entrepreneurs to continue reporting suspicious activities to aid in maintaining a secure environment.

In closing, Mayor Diego Castañón expressed his gratitude for the cooperation and support of the private sector in building peace and tranquility in Tulum. He emphasized the importance of these meetings as a platform to share achievements, gather opinions, generate innovative ideas, and foster collaboration between the government and local businesses.

These measures represent a significant step forward in enhancing the safety and security of Tulum, ensuring that both residents and visitors can enjoy the beauty and serenity of this picturesque destination without compromising their well-being.


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