April 6, 2024
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Tulum Airport Takes Flight on December 1, AMLO Confirms

TULUM, Mexico – President Andrés Manuel López Obrador unveiled plans for the inauguration of Tulum’s new airport on December 1st. This significant development marks one of the long-awaited milestones of his administration.

“The 1st of December will witness the inauguration of Tulum’s new airport, executed under the auspices of the Mexican Army (SEDENA). They are in the final stages of completing a 40,000-hectare irrigation district, along with the establishment of 2,500 branches of the ‘Banco del Bienestar.’ This bank holds the distinction of being the primary dispersal point for various forms of support, including assistance for senior citizens, scholarships for students, and subsidies for farmers and fishermen, all thanks to the construction of these branches,” President López Obrador enthusiastically stated.

Shifting the conversation toward the broader impact of his presidency, the President expressed his pride in the transformation of the Mexican mindset over his five-year tenure. He emphasized his efforts to make citizens more politically aware and engaged in the nation’s political discourse.

Tulum Airport Takes Flight on December 1, AMLO Confirms

“I have actively contributed to changing our people’s mindset through a revolution of consciousness. Today, our citizens are more politically conscious than ever before. Mexico stands as one of the world’s most politically enlightened nations, boasting significantly lower levels of political illiteracy than many countries across the globe. I take immense pride in this accomplishment,” he remarked.

In matters pertaining to his cabinet, Ricardo Sheffield, the head of the Federal Consumer Protection Agency (Profeco), made his final appearance during the “Quién es Quién en los precios” (Who’s Who in Prices) presentation.

In response, the President expressed his gratitude for Sheffield’s dedicated service and extended his best wishes for Sheffield’s undisclosed new venture, hinting that it might be easy for the public to deduce.

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“This marks Ricardo Sheffield’s last appearance as he moves on to new endeavors. We wish him the best of luck. However, it’s not just about Ricardo; there are other colleagues who also play a pivotal role in what lies ahead. While I cannot divulge specifics, it’s not hard to imagine the direction. As a public servant, Ricardo has been remarkably efficient and helpful,” President López Obrador noted.

The upcoming inauguration of Tulum’s airport is set to be a milestone for the region, as it promises to enhance connectivity and accessibility for both tourists and locals alike. The airport, managed by SEDENA, reflects the government’s commitment to developing critical infrastructure projects.

Over the past five years, President López Obrador’s administration has focused on instilling a sense of civic duty and political awareness among Mexican citizens. The “revolución de las conciencias” (revolution of consciousness) has led to a more politically engaged populace and reduced political illiteracy rates, setting Mexico apart as a globally conscious nation.

Tulum Airport Takes Flight on December 1, AMLO Confirms

In acknowledging the departure of Ricardo Sheffield from Profeco, President López Obrador expressed gratitude for Sheffield’s efficient service and conveyed his best wishes for Sheffield’s undisclosed future project, which seems poised to make a significant impact.

With the inauguration of Tulum’s airport on the horizon, residents and visitors can look forward to improved connectivity and greater economic opportunities in the region. The government’s commitment to vital infrastructure projects continues to shape the future of Tulum.


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