April 6, 2024
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The suspension of aquatic tours in Tulum left economic losses

Tulum Aquatic Service officials said the three-day closure they endured last week due to the impact of the surada on the destination’s coast was a hard economic blow.

Alonso Gutiérrez Sánchez, who has many years of experience in the market and is now a boat driver at Santa Fe beach, said the suspension of water rides began last Tuesday and will extend through the weekend. Although he did not specify the exact extent of the damages for safety reasons, he pointed out that they were significant for the more than 50 families that depend on this commercial subsidiary on the beaches of Tulum National Park.

The suspension of aquatic tours in Tulum left economic losses

He mentioned that some modules work with tourism companies with which they have contracts, but in such conditions at sea they lose groups to snorkel in the reefs of the park. For his part, Alberto Gómez, captain at Pescadores beach, said that this pause period is a blow to the economy, especially because the high winter season has not been as productive as expected.

He said that the family situation dependent on this activity was difficult, especially because of the “January slope”. He explained that they are following the guidelines of the Port Captaincy and the Municipal Coordination of Civil Protection, where boats of less than 15 length will be closed due to the strong winds from the south.

“Since Tuesday we have been paralyzed without generating money due to the problem of the surada, and it seems that we will not return in these days and it is complicated because the last vacation season was not as we would have liked either,” he said.

Shalon Rojas Lagunes, meteorologist of the Municipal Coordination of Civil Protection, explains the climatic phenomenon as the first of the year, consisting of winds that carry very hot and dry air.


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