April 6, 2024
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The New Airport’s Traffic Challenge

TULUM, Mexico – Just hours before the inauguration of the “Felipe Carrillo Puerto” International Airport in Tulum, coinciding with the start of the high tourist season, concerns arise within the hotel sector regarding the ongoing construction in the northern access of the Tulum National Park. This construction could lead to traffic chaos in the Coastal Zone if not addressed appropriately.

In an interview, David Ortiz Mena, Vice President of the Hotel Council of the Mexican Caribbean, emphasized that while these construction projects and the new airport bring benefits, there is an undeniable risk of complications in vehicular traffic. Access to the Tulum National Park, home to numerous hotels and restaurants, is only available through the southern entrance. Ortiz Mena highlighted the presence of a control point by the National Commission of Protected Natural Areas (Conanp) at this entrance, where fees are collected and vehicle inspections take place, resulting in queues that could impede access to the Coastal Zone.

The hotel leader mentioned plans to request an operational strategy to guide motorists to the coastal area, utilizing Kukulcán Avenue as an alternative route. He stressed the need for sufficient detours and signage. Furthermore, Ortiz Mena emphasized, “A communication strategy is crucial, ensuring that tourists, workers, and businesses are aware of the situation.” The Tulum Hotel Association presided over by Ortiz Mena, offered to collaborate with Traffic and other relevant authorities in executing this operation.

In addition, Ortiz Mena revealed that the association has formally requested the creation of a joint commission, involving authorities from all three levels of government and representatives from the private sector. This commission aims to enhance mobility in this tourist destination, anticipating the increased flow of visitors and vehicles due to the new airport.

“With the new airport, there will be a higher influx of visitors and vehicles, and it is crucial to minimize any possible disruptions,” he commented, emphasizing the importance of establishing a comprehensive mobility plan for the city, which is experiencing constant growth. “We cannot overlook the fact that the airport commences operations in December, the peak month for tourist activity in this destination,” he reiterated.


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