April 6, 2024
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The End Of Tulum’s Party Scene? Tulum Rises Against Party Chaos

TULUM, Mexico – In a recent meeting with local entrepreneurs, the municipal president, Diego Castañón, emphasized the significant reduction in high-impact crimes, the expansion of police checkpoints, surprise inspections at establishments, efforts to combat extortion, and tighter control over late-night parties. Accompanied by the Secretary of Public Safety, Traffic, and Firefighters, Lieutenant Ricardo Morales, Diego Castañón assured business owners that the Fourth Transformation government is dedicated to ensuring peace and security for workers, entrepreneurs, businessmen, and investors.

The Municipal President disclosed that there would be no changes to the operating hours of restaurants and bars. Along the coastal area, the operating hours will remain until 1 AM, while in the town center, they will extend until 2 AM. “This measure has significantly reduced the incidence of homicides and high-impact crimes. Above all, it has substantially curbed nighttime criminal activity,” Diego Castañón stated.

The End Of Tulum's Party Scene? Tulum Rises Against Party Chaos

He further elaborated that stricter controls will be imposed on parties taking place both inside and outside the jungle in the coming days. Such events will now require permits and oversight by the Armed Forces. Additionally, the municipal police checkpoints will extend their operating hours from 12 to 24 hours. In his address, Ricardo Morales reported that surprise inspections have successfully identified criminals infiltrating bars and restaurants, posing as employees with the intention of peddling narcotics.

“We aspire to apprehend and prosecute, not merely deter, members of organized crime who intimidate entrepreneurs, workers, and hotel and restaurant patrons,” Morales emphasized. Regarding measures to protect construction workers, Diego Castañón Trejo informed attendees that significant progress had been made in cracking down on extortionists thanks to citizen reports.

The End Of Tulum's Party Scene? Tulum Rises Against Party Chaos

“With the support of the Navy, we successfully apprehended extortionist gangs in two major developments through coordinated tactical and intelligence efforts,” Castañón said. He expressed gratitude for the cooperation and support of the private sector in building and maintaining peace and tranquility in Tulum.

“In these gatherings, our aim is to share the results we have achieved. Clearly, there is much work ahead, and we also seek your opinions and ideas to collaborate on,” concluded the Municipal President.


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