April 6, 2024
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Sedatu and Tulum Municipality Join Forces to Tackle Housing Crisis

TULUM, Mexico – Addressing the pressing housing shortage in Tulum, Román Meyer Falcón, the head of the Ministry of Agrarian, Territorial, and Urban Development (Sedatu), has highlighted their collaboration with the municipality’s Urban Development Program. Their shared goal is to facilitate the creation of affordable housing options through government initiatives.

Meyer emphasized that the key to determining the cost and price of development lies in land usage. It is through this crucial aspect that municipal, state, and federal governments can pave the way for accessible housing for both existing residents and newcomers, drawn by ambitious projects such as the Tren Maya, the International Airport, and the Jaguar Park.

He underscored the exorbitant costs associated with real estate ventures, which often place them out of reach for the working class. Hence, their focus is squarely on securing land for affordable housing opportunities.

Nonetheless, Meyer stressed the paramount importance of ensuring that the Urban Development Program incorporates strict measures to prevent further urban sprawl. Tulum has witnessed unchecked and rapid urban expansion in recent decades.

“In essence, what we are doing is collaborating with Tulum’s Urban Development Program to address the issue of excessive municipal expansion. We must begin to curtail the unbridled urban sprawl that has persisted over the past three or four decades. Within the boundaries of Tulum, there is interurban land that can be utilized. We also need to devise mechanisms for the municipality or the state government to provide or offer economically priced land, enabling the local workforce to access affordable housing options. The current real estate costs are exorbitantly high,” he asserted.

In light of these efforts, it is evident that Tulum’s authorities are taking proactive steps to rectify the housing crisis while ensuring sustainable urban development.


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