April 6, 2024
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Roads, Rails, and Skies: Tulum’s Vision

TULUM, México – In a significant development, Tulum’s Municipal President, Diego Castañón Trejo, inaugurated a pivotal street pavement project in the town center yesterday, benefiting a substantial population of 16,688 residents. This marks a profound stride in the framework of the Fourth Transformation, aimed at enhancing the quality of life and fostering overall well-being.

Gathered on the vibrant streets of La Selva Avenue, Mayor Castañón Trejo elaborated on the meticulous investment of every peso flowing into the Municipal Treasury, emphasizing its redirection towards high-quality public infrastructure projects. The overarching goal is to prepare the municipality for the impending growth anticipated with the advent of the Tren Maya (Maya Train) and the new Tulum International Airport.

“In Tulum, each day brings us more and better projects for the well-being of our people. These are not just projects; they are a reflection of our commitment to the community, your families, and your prosperity. Tulum is evolving to offer a better way of life,” affirmed Castañón Trejo.

Roads, Rails, and Skies: Tulum's Vision

Santos Hipólito Tuz Chi, the Director of Public Works Monitoring, offered a detailed insight into this particular undertaking. An impressive sum of $11,991,460 pesos from the 28th budgetary allocation was dedicated to this project, delivering direct benefits to 16,688 residents through the rehabilitation of 1,206 linear meters of streets.

Roads, Rails, and Skies: Tulum's Vision

Furthermore, budgetary savings enabled the installation of vertical signage and the placement of 180 speed bumps. These measures are expected to effectively regulate vehicular speed along the refurbished stretch, ensuring a safer and more organized traffic flow.

This momentous achievement in the realm of public works was witnessed not only by Mayor Castañón Trejo but also by prominent figures in Tulum’s local governance. Among them were Councilors Beatriz Anahí Mendoza Samos and Ivan Alfredo Dzul Cabañas, Carlos Efraín Yama Moguel, the Director General of Public Infrastructure, Vicente Francisco Aldape Moncada, the Municipal Treasurer, Jesús Alberto Sandy Interian, the Director General of Planning, Esly Hernández Negrete, the Municipal Comptroller, and Antonio Miranda Miranda, the Chief Municipal Officer.

Roads, Rails, and Skies: Tulum's Vision

This transformative pavement project stands as a testament to the commitment of Tulum’s local government to advance the well-being and infrastructure of the community. As the municipality prepares for the exciting developments brought by the Tren Maya and the new airport, it is clear that Tulum is on the path to a brighter and more prosperous future.


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