April 6, 2024
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President Castañón Trejo Receives Business Sector’s Approval in Tulum

TULUM, Mexico – The business sector in Tulum stands in support of President Diego Castañón Trejo’s government report while acknowledging that certain improvements take time to materialize.

David Ortiz Mena, President of the Tulum Hotel Association (AHT), emphasized that this administration has only been in office for a few months, and yet, significant progress has already been made.

From the perspective of the hotel sector, they believe that under Castañón Trejo’s leadership, there’s a genuine push not only for the hospitality industry but also for tourism as a whole.

“It appears to me that he is acutely aware that the economic contribution from this sector genuinely aids Tulum’s social development. Of course, there is much work ahead. Tulum needs substantial infrastructure. The International Felipe Carrillo Puerto Airport is coming, the Maya Train is on the horizon, and the Jaguar Park is in the works. All of this obliges us to collaborate and address the municipality’s needs,” he remarked.

President Castañón Trejo Receives Business Sector's Approval in Tulum

When questioned about the administration’s focus for its final year in office, the business leader emphasized the need for infrastructure development and strengthening the police force as an institution. He believes that the president is already taking steps in the right direction.

He stressed the importance of ensuring that police officers receive decent salaries, have the necessary resources for their duties, and pass their Control and Trust exams with integrity.

Ortiz also highlighted the ongoing importance of sustainability for the municipality, especially in light of new federal projects and anticipated growth that might otherwise leave Tulum lagging behind.

President Castañón Trejo Receives Business Sector's Approval in Tulum

He noted that housing is an issue that requires attention, as there’s a significant need for affordable housing opportunities throughout the Riviera Maya. Ortiz expressed concerns that vacation rental platforms contribute to the rising housing costs that affect the entire municipality.

On the other hand, Eleazar Sagrero Ordóñez, Secretary-General of the Unified Taxi Drivers Front (FUTV), praised the government report, describing it as highly commendable.

President Castañón Trejo Receives Business Sector's Approval in Tulum

“We came to listen to the report, and it presents the administration’s results. We must understand that not everything can be accomplished overnight, but we expect the municipal president to continue working diligently. The report is very well done,” he said.

The business community in Tulum appreciates the progress made under President Diego Castañón Trejo’s administration while acknowledging the ongoing challenges. Infrastructure development, police force enhancement, and sustainable practices remain key priorities as Tulum navigates its future.


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