April 6, 2024
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Mayor Castañón’s Efforts in Tulum’s Urban Evolution

TULUM, Mexico – Mayor Diego Castañón Trejo personally oversaw the ongoing developments in the expansion of La Selva Avenue, one of Tulum’s primary access routes. He also observed the progress of other roadways undergoing pavement work in the La Veleta neighborhood, all with the aim of enhancing traffic flow and giving the area a fresh new appearance.

Mayor Diego Castañón, along with his dedicated team, embarked on a journey to assess the advancements of the 1.2-kilometer extension of La Selva Avenue. Under his leadership, the municipal government has invested $11,991,460.68 pesos, a testament to their commitment to benefiting the lives of 16,688 local residents.

Mayor Castañón's Efforts in Tulum's Urban Evolution

During this tour, the Mayor took the time to explore other road projects currently underway in the La Veleta neighborhood. An investment of $16,198,248.03 pesos has been allocated for these pavement initiatives, poised to positively impact 6,410 residents. “We are here to ensure the progress of these projects. Today, we are operating as a transparent and directly involved government. We are demonstrating that these resources are being utilized for the betterment of our citizens,” he emphasized before the gathered media.

Mayor Castañón's Efforts in Tulum's Urban Evolution

Accompanied by the technical staff from the Public Works Department, it was revealed to the press that both of these endeavors have reached a notable 40 percent completion rate. The anticipated completion date for these projects is set for late September of this year.

Mayor Castañón underscored that later in the day, he and his cabinet would stroll through the streets of the Tumben Kaa neighborhood, engaging with local families and strategizing immediate solutions. “We will visit these families, lend an ear to their concerns, and subsequently expedite necessary procedures and services within the community,” he shared.

Mayor Castañón's Efforts in Tulum's Urban Evolution

As Tulum continues to evolve and expand, Mayor Diego Castañón Trejo remains dedicated to ensuring that infrastructure enhancements align with the needs and aspirations of its residents. With each step forward, the municipality is solidifying its commitment to sustainable growth and the well-being of its vibrant community.


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