April 6, 2024
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Maya Area of Tulum empowers Diego Castañón’s management with comprehensive support

The residents of Tulum’s Mayan neighborhood pledged their support to Diego Castaón Trejo’s municipal administration as it unveiled new infrastructure projects for the benefit of the Maya Caribbean indigenous communities on Thursday morning.

The delegate of Chanchen I, Cástula Che Ciau, welcomed the support that the Mayans will receive by being paved the terrarium streets and the Tulumnense road that connects the nearby Xuilub during an educational trip conducted by the mayor and the Mayan deputy Silvia Dzul Sánchez.

Che Ciau greeted the president and said, “Welcome to this community, Mr. President. I am delighted to know that your efforts will always be a support for our people.

The mayor of Chanchén I notified the locals that the streets in his village, San Juan de Dios and Sahcab Mucuy, would be paved, and that different public lighting projects would be completed. Also, he stated that for the benefit of more than 9,000 residents, access to the Maya Zone and the region between Chanchen I and Chanchen Palmar will be improved.

Maya Area of Tulum empowers Diego Castañón's management with comprehensive support

Subsequently, the Maya men and women of Cobá declared their support for Diego Castaón Trejo and their determination to stick together to uphold Marciano Dzul Caamal’s heritage.

“Depend on me. We both agree that the Maya area is the most crucial part of the municipality, so I’ll be coming there with you every 10 or 15 days. And we’ll honor that “said he.

There, the mayor said that the Coba electrical network will be expanded this year, and 2,793 individuals will benefit from the installation of public illumination lamps.

The audience applauded as the speaker declared, “It’s a commitment I made with our Martian President Dzul Caamal, who is up in the sky, and I will honor it.”

The Mayan deputy Silvia Dzul Sánchez praised Castaón Trejo’s leadership throughout the grueling information day in Tulum, referring to him as a “friend of the Dzul family.”

“Diego, a friend of the family above all else, possesses these qualities of strong commitment, strength, and drive. It speaks well of the job that will be done that I am currently touring the Maya region and transition zone to let you know that “I am here for anything you need,” “the legislator remarked.

Maya Area of Tulum empowers Diego Castañón's management with comprehensive support

The welfare of his people and those who believed in his mission was always a top priority for Marciano Dzul, he continued, therefore he urged the guests to “continue working hand in hand”.

“An effective project must be cohesive. We continue to stay steadfast in this admirable task that still needs to be finished. And I want to suggest that Tulum will soon experience positive things “Dzul Sanchez stated.

The I Regidor David Manances Tah Balam stated that Diego Castaón has the backing of all Mayan communities and the entire Cabildo in an exceptional address delivered in the Mayan language. The Welfare, Public Health, and Social Aid commissions of the municipal council stated, “Because we do it out of love for Tulum.”

Maya Area of Tulum empowers Diego Castañón's management with comprehensive support

He emphasized the necessity of maintaining harmony in Tulum at the moment because “we share a common good, which is the welfare of Mayan communities.”

The Delegate Coordinator, Liberato May; the delegate of Sahcab Mucuy, Cristobal Canul; the delegate of Miguel Antonio Ay, Lidia Canché; delegate of San Juan de Dios, Fernando Cocom; the delegate of Macario Gómez, Eric Cortés; the commissioner of Cobá, José Waldemar; the delegate of Francisco Uh May, José Concepción and the delegate of Coba, Ismael Pech.

Maya Area of Tulum empowers Diego Castañón's management with comprehensive support

Castañón Trejo reciprocated the support of the Mayan communities ensuring that he is a municipal president who will fulfill all the commitments and agreements taken.

“I will be coming often to talk with you about the needs of each of you. So it took me 5, 6, 10 or 15 hours, but I will talk with you,” said the mayor, who recalled the teachings, humility and example of his predecessor, Nohoch Suku’un Marciano Dzul Caamal.

The municipal administrator, María Teresa Arana Sánchez, the III Regidor Martín Dzib Chimal, the IV Regidora Fany Adriana Gallegos Sánchez, the VI Regidora Paulina Yadira Malpica Yañez, the Major Officer of Tulum, participated in this information tour, Antonio Miranda; the Director of Territorial Development, Lorenzo Miranda and the Director of Public Services, Audomaro Solís.

In addition, the Director of Promotion and Mainstreaming of Gender Perspective, Maribel Cruz, the Director of Gender Equality, Anahí Bet Dzic and the Commissioner of Chanchen I, Genaro Abán and the Commissioner of Hondzonot, Alfredo May Chulim were present.


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