April 6, 2024
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High season did not meet expectations of tourism companies in Tulum

They attribute the decrease in visitors to snowfall in the U.S. and Canada.

Contrary to what they had predicted, tourism service providers in the beach zone of Tulum National Park reported that the high season did not meet their expectations.

Among the various circumstances that influenced the high season in Tulum’s beach zone were the snowfalls in the United States and Canada and the World Cup in Qatar, which kept international travelers away from this tourist destination.

This was pointed out by Sergio Alcalá García, in charge of the spa at the Playa Paraíso club. “Unfortunately with what happened with the snowfall in the United States and Canada it affected us a lot, people say that they brought their vacations forward with the World Cup, they preferred to travel in advance to visit Qatar and take advantage of the World Cup and unfortunately the tourism income was not what we expected,” he said.

For his part, Francisco Cámara Balam, of the Servicios Turísticos del Caribe module on Pescadores beach, said that the restrictions on the entry of vehicles caused potential clients not to enter the coastal zone.

He mentioned that those who wanted to enter in their cars had to pay more than 200 pesos and this discouraged them from staying and then paying for other services. He explained that tourism opted for other tourist sites such as cenotes and lagoons or other beach destinations in Quintana Roo.

“Before the season started we had free parking, there were areas for enough cars, but now that the season has increased, let’s say a little bit, the hoteliers made a plot and privatized the area where we are, and now the people who come, as there are many obviously from outside, have to pay for parking and the snorkeling service and they are not encouraged because it is double payment, before it was free, now it is no longer,” he said.


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