April 6, 2024
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Head of Sectur details projects for the promotion of Tulum

Miguel Torruco Marqués, head of the Federal Ministry of Tourism (Sectur), highlighted the projects for Tulum, among them the muralist program, the progress of the international airport and the new Tren Maya train station.

During the International Tourism Fair (Fitur), which is being held in Madrid, the official explained that “the municipality, as a magical town, has planned a program for painting, artistic murals and a series of activities”.

Regarding the progress of the air port, which is expected to be completed in 2023, this will contribute to the relief of the Cancun Airport.

“This year Tulum will have a new International Airport, which will be for 4 million tourists and thanks to that a strengthening of the municipality is expected”.

The head of the Ministry of Tourism celebrated that the Mayan Train, which will pass through the great station of Tulum, will be of great help and a great tourist detonator.

Regarding the stand at Fitur that represents the municipality under the slogan “Tulum is Tulum”, the businessman highlighted that it is one of the largest in the sector in America, which has 1,111 square meters.

Head of Sectur details projects for the promotion of Tulum

New projects for 2023

Miguel Torruco listed a series of projects that the Sectur has planned for this year.

“We are going to organize the second international ‘Magical Towns’ tianguis, which will be held in Los Angeles and we will bring the 132 towns.”

Highlighting that in the month of March, the call for “new Magical Towns” will be opened. He also announced that the fifth edition of Tiaguis ‘Pueblos Mágicos’ will be held this year in Pachuca.

As for the 47th edition of the ‘Tianguis Turístico’, it will be held in Mexico City on March 26th.

“We have already created the “Magical Neighborhoods” program, the first one at national level was Chetumal, the Historic Center of Mexico City; then there are a series of important actions to come”, said the Secretary of Tourism.

Said recognition of “Magical Neighborhood” is granted by the Ministry of Tourism to all those entities that stand out for their archeological zones, museums, monuments, restaurants of all kinds, parks, historical buildings and streets full of history.


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