April 6, 2024
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Green Light’ for Tulum’s Eco-Conscious Transformation

TULUM, México – In a recent gathering of Tulum’s Municipal Council for Ecological Land Management and Urban Development, the Secretary of Sustainable Urban Development, Armando Lara De Nigris, echoed the directive of Governor Mara Lezama Espinosa: to vigilantly ensure that infrastructure projects and investment initiatives prioritize environmental sustainability and safeguard the interests of future generations.

As Tulum continues to undergo rapid development, the need for sustainable and eco-friendly practices becomes ever more urgent. Armando Lara De Nigris emphasized the significance of the Municipal Council for Ecological Land Management and Urban Development as a crucial platform for social and civic engagement across diverse sectors. This council plays a pivotal role in analyzing, consulting, and disseminating Municipal Programs in accordance with the State of Quintana Roo’s Law on Human Settlements, Land Use Planning, and Urban Development.

The core mission, as articulated by the council’s participants, is to establish contemporary, compassionate, and resilient infrastructure that respects both the environment and the region’s precious natural resources. This priority aligns seamlessly with Governor Mara Lezama Espinosa’s vision for a transformative and humanistic government, encapsulated in the “New Agreement for the Wellbeing and Development of Quintana Roo.”

Green Light' for Tulum's Eco-Conscious Transformation

During the meeting, representatives from the Autonomous University of Quintana Roo presented the progress of the Risk Atlas, a vital tool in assessing and mitigating potential hazards faced by the region. Additionally, consultants revealed the findings of the Urban Development Program for the Population Centers in the Tulum-Cobá corridor, unveiling essential insights to guide sustainable growth.

The event also witnessed the signing of a comprehensive framework for cooperation between the Secretary of Sustainable Urban Development (Sedetus) and the Ministry of Agrarian, Territorial, and Urban Development (Sedatu). This cooperative effort, as explained by Sedetus’ Deputy Secretary of Land Use Planning, Miriam Madero Gómez, aims to regularize human settlements for the betterment of Quintana Roo’s families, while concurrently addressing land management, city consolidation, and sustainable mobility.

Secretary Armando Lara underlined the government’s commitment to reform the Law on Human Settlements, as evidenced by the active participation of diverse stakeholders, including the private sector, ejidos, academia, universities, colleges, and associations.

Green Light' for Tulum's Eco-Conscious Transformation

The Council’s session was marked by the attendance of prominent figures, including Álvaro Lomelí, the General Coordinator for Metropolitan Development and Mobility at Sedatu; Francisco Javier Aguilar García, Director-General for Urban Development, Land Use Planning, and Housing at Sedatu; Lino Canto Guzmán, representing the Deputy Secretary for Urban Development, Land Use Planning, and Housing at Sedatu; Jorge Armando Muñiz Tovar, Director of Urban Planning in Tulum; Mayra Ruiz Cabañas, Legal Advisor for Tulum’s Municipality, and Ángela Nah Chan, among others.

The meeting’s outcomes reflect Tulum’s unwavering dedication to sustainable development, as it strives to preserve its natural beauty, cultural heritage, and overall quality of life for generations to come.


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