April 6, 2024
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Exciting Facelift for Tulum’s Wildlife Sanctuary

TULUM, México – In a bid to enhance connectivity and mobility within the Quintana Roo’s Jaguar Park, the Secretaría de Desarrollo Agrario, Territorial y Urbano (Sedatu), through the Programa de Mejoramiento Urbano (PMU), is spearheading four critical infrastructure projects with a substantial investment of nearly 367 million pesos (MDP). These initiatives, implemented in two phases, have a dual purpose: to improve accessibility to the archaeological zone and the site museum while simultaneously promoting tourism development in the region.

The first phase, which has already been completed, saw the construction of a 21-kilometer perimeter wall, rest modules along Avenida Cobá, and the establishment of a dedicated cycling lane. In the ongoing second phase, several key projects are underway, including the construction of a southern access point, interventions on Avenida Costera, the creation of a site museum, and infrastructural developments forming part of the central access. Among the most noteworthy undertakings in this second phase are:

Exciting Facelift for Tulum's Wildlife Sanctuary

Connection to the Tren Maya: This endeavor envisions the construction of pedestrian walkways, a shared thoroughfare for cycling lanes, electric transport options, and green areas.

Link between the service center and the federal highway: This project includes the construction of footpaths, a cycling lane, a vehicular watercourse, a lookout point, green spaces, illumination, as well as signage and signaling.

Observation Area: This particular initiative entails the construction of a viewing point for observing the region’s flora and fauna.

Exciting Facelift for Tulum's Wildlife Sanctuary

Román Meyer Falcón, the head of Sedatu, emphasized that these developments will contribute to solidifying Jaguar Park as a top-tier tourist destination. He stated, “These projects are a testament to the commitment of the Government of Mexico to promote the tourism development of Quintana Roo and improve the quality of life for the region’s inhabitants.”

Exciting Facelift for Tulum's Wildlife Sanctuary

Jaguar Park spans 2,500 hectares and is a protected natural area situated in the municipality of Tulum, Quintana Roo. Within the confines of this park lies the Tulum archaeological site, along with the site museum scheduled for inauguration in 2024. This substantial investment and infrastructure development project are poised to elevate the appeal of the region, further establishing Tulum as a premier destination on the Mexican tourist map.


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