April 6, 2024
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Diego Castañón’s Remarkable Financial Turnaround in Tulum in Just 100 Days

TULUM, Quintana Roo – The Tulum Town Hall has successfully resolved a long-standing debt with the Tax Administration Service (SAT), related to the Income Tax (ISR) for the year 2015. The announcement was made by Vicente Francisco Aldape Moncada, the Municipal Treasurer.

“At the behest of Mayor Diego Castañón Trejo, within the first 100 days of his administration, we were tasked with settling the outstanding balance with the SAT, and we have achieved just that. As of now, the Tulum Town Hall has no outstanding debt, and all our obligations to the tax authorities are completely in order. The financial state of this municipality is robust,” expressed the official.

Aldape Moncada went on to highlight that Tulum has successfully consolidated its finances within the first 100 days under the leadership of Mayor Diego Castañón Trejo.

“The responsible management of municipal finances allows us to plan resources to address infrastructure projects that will be necessary once the Felipe Carrillo Puerto International Airport and the Mayan Train are fully operational,” he stated.

Providing a breakdown of the debt, the municipal finance officer disclosed that the outstanding credit with the Tax Administration Service amounted to $67,501,441 Mexican pesos, which included fines, updates, and surcharges related to the Income Tax.

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The official responsible for the municipal treasury also emphasized that Mayor Diego Castañón possesses a clear vision for good governance, with a responsible and orderly approach to financial matters, taxation, and fiscal policies.

“Despite Tulum’s rapid and exponential growth, the town is free from debt, which sends a positive signal to both its citizens and investors,” he concluded.

The settlement of this long-standing debt is a testament to the commitment of the Tulum Town Hall to fiscal responsibility and sound financial management. By clearing their outstanding obligations with the SAT, the municipality has taken a significant step towards ensuring a stable and prosperous future for its residents and attracting further investments.

Mayor Diego Castañón Trejo’s focus on prudent financial planning is commendable, as it allows Tulum to allocate resources effectively, not only to address current needs but also to prepare for the anticipated surge in infrastructure demands once the Felipe Carrillo Puerto International Airport and the Mayan Train project come into operation.

With its debts settled and finances in order, Tulum is positioned as an attractive destination for both domestic and international investors. The town’s debt-free status demonstrates its ability to manage the challenges associated with rapid growth and serve as a beacon of financial stability.

As Tulum continues to evolve and embrace its potential, the responsible stewardship of municipal finances will be crucial to maintaining its reputation as a thriving and well-governed tourist destination. The recent settlement of the debt with the SAT reflects the town’s commitment to transparency, accountability, and prudent financial decision-making, bolstering confidence among residents, businesses, and investors alike.


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