April 6, 2024
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Diego Castañón meets with Coparmex to discuss Tulum’s transformation

Diego Castañón, the newly elected mayor of Tulum, recently met with representatives from COPARMEX, a prominent business organization in Mexico, to discuss the transformation of the popular tourist destination.

During the meeting, which was held on Monday, Castañón and COPARMEX members discussed various issues affecting Tulum, including the need for sustainable development, infrastructure improvements, and public safety initiatives.

Sustainable Development

Tulum has seen a significant increase in tourism in recent years, which has led to concerns about the impact on the environment. Castañón and COPARMEX members emphasized the need for sustainable development in the area, which would balance the growth of the tourism industry with the preservation of the natural environment.

Diego Castañón meets with Coparmex to discuss Tulum's transformation

Infrastructure Improvements

Another important issue discussed during the meeting was the need for infrastructure improvements in Tulum. Castañón highlighted the need for better roads, improved public transportation, and upgrades to the area’s water and sanitation systems. These improvements are necessary to support the growth of the tourism industry and to enhance the quality of life for local residents.

Public Safety Initiatives

Diego Castañón meets with Coparmex to discuss Tulum's transformation

Castañón and COPARMEX members also discussed the importance of public safety in Tulum. The mayor-elect stressed the need for greater collaboration between local authorities and the private sector to address security issues in the area. COPARMEX representatives expressed their commitment to working with the new administration to improve public safety and promote a safe environment for tourists and residents alike.

Marc Pujol, who is the president of the Riviera Maya Coparmex Business Center, expressed his appreciation to Mayor Diego Castañón for his willingness to engage in constructive dialogue and work together towards achieving a sustainable and secure growth for tourism in Tulum.

Diego Castañón meets with Coparmex to discuss Tulum's transformation

Pujol acknowledged that the business community is a vital component of the local economy and emphasized the importance of collaboration between the public and private sectors in ensuring the prosperity of the region. He also expressed his optimism that this partnership between the government and the business community would yield positive outcomes for the present and future of Tulum.

“We are delighted with Diego’s open attitude since he assumed office. It was essential to reach out to the business community as we are the driving force of our region’s economy. I am confident that this open approach will produce excellent outcomes for Tulum’s development, both now and in the future,” concluded Pujol.


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