Balancing History and Tourism: Tulum's Archaeological Zone Set for Transformation

July 25, 2024
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Balancing History and Tourism: Tulum's Archaeological Zone Set for Transformation

Balancing History and Tourism: Tulum’s Archaeological Zone Set for Transformation

Get insights from the President of Amatur on the Tulum site renovation and the proposed Youth Mental Health Center in Cancun. Explore the impact on tourism and efforts to address addiction.
Balancing History and Tourism: Tulum's Archaeological Zone Set for Transformation

The president of the Mexican Association of Receptive Tourism Agencies (Amatur), Sergio González Rubiera, expressed regret that the tourism entrepreneurs were not taken into account to contribute ideas in the remodeling works of the archaeological zone of Tulum.

In an interview, he considered that while it will always be good news to invest in projects that improve these archaeological remains, one of the country’s most important attractions, the ideal would have been for the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) and the Secretariat of Tourism (Sectur) to socialize the project in order to understand its scope.

He pointed out that for many years the archaeological zones have been neglected, so he welcomes the project, although it would have been enriching for the tour operators to make contributions and suggestions for a comprehensive remodeling.

Balancing History and Tourism: Tulum's Archaeological Zone Set for Transformation

He recalled that some time ago there was an interesting project precisely in Tulum, where a tourist stop was built, a corridor for the sale of handicrafts, and a train tour, but the parking lot and shopping center were left unfinished. Those works were not completed due to political and economic issues; however, Tulum requires an interpretive center for Mayan culture, where films, videos, and an interpretive model can be exhibited.

There was also talk of the possibility of having light and sound, but it is actually unknown what they will do in Tulum. However, if the announcement from INAH indicates that it will remain closed for seven days, it is a very short time for a comprehensive project.

“We will have to see the extent of the works. In the meantime, during the closure, there will obviously be disruptions in the tours, as it is one of the most popular excursions. In fact, they attract between 500,000 to 700,000 visitors to these remains each year,” he emphasized.

Balancing History and Tourism: Tulum's Archaeological Zone Set for Transformation

Nevertheless, he mentioned that one way to compensate for the losses is by selling tours to Chichen Itza, theme parks, and other tourist attractions, so eventually there won’t be a significant impact.

He insisted that the important thing will be to see the scope of the project during the seven days that the works will last.

Youth Mental Health Center

Furthermore, the entrepreneur revealed that they are promoting the establishment of a Youth Mental Health Center to address the needs of young people with addictions, which will require a budget of 30 million pesos. He mentioned that, to achieve this, they are forming a social organization and a board of trustees to facilitate fundraising. In fact, the first event will take place on June 2nd at the Cancun Theater, consisting of a storytelling session featuring Cri-Cric tales.

He stated that this project emerged due to the lack of addiction and mental health treatment centers in the state, despite the escalating drug use problem, with children as young as 10 to 12 years old being affected.

In response to this, he mentioned that a group of specialists and socially responsible entrepreneurs are working together to raise funds and make this assistance center a reality. In fact, they already have the executive project in place.

He expressed his intention for the center to be constructed on a 2,000-square-meter plot of land, equipped with consultation rooms, residential areas, auditoriums, sports courts, and a swimming pool.

He referred to the initial steps being taken in the formation of the board of trustees, and he hopes that the project will be carried out in four stages.

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