April 6, 2024
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Attempt to evict several lodging centers in Tulum’s hotel zone

At least four lodging centers, located in the coastal zone of Tulum, were victims of an attempted eviction, which was allegedly attempted by the company Santa María S. de R. L., whose owners claim to be the owners of said properties.

Elements of the State Attorney General’s Office arrived in the area, with a police escort and several freight units, with the intention of carrying out the eviction.

The agents presented an order from a civil judge, while the freight forwarders began to remove the furniture.

Attempt to evict several lodging centers in Tulum's hotel zone

However, after a few minutes, this action was interrupted, apparently due to legal appeals filed by those who were going to be thrown out.

Among the lodging centers that attempted to be evicted were Orchid Beach, Tatis Beach, Xuuxum and Coco Limited.

None of the owners or managers of these places wanted to give statements about what happened.

Unofficially, it is said that the operation failed because the staff of these lodging centers was not properly summoned.

So far, no police authority has commented on the matter.


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