April 6, 2024
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Anti-sargassum placement in Tulum is requested to be moved forward

Given the presence of sargassum on the beaches of Tulum, tourism service providers suggest that marine barriers be placed in advance to avoid further damage.

Jesús Sabido, sales agent at Pescadores beach, considered that the authorities of the three levels of government, especially the Navy, already know that there has been an early recale and in significant quantities in Tulum, so the most useful thing would be to contain the sargassum before it increases.

He said that the main thing is to take care of the coastal image of the destination so that the attraction of Mexican and foreign tourists is not lost.

Anti-sargassum placement in Tulum is requested to be moved forward

“Before the presence of the seaweed is greater and causes more affectations this containment infrastructure should be used, because now as it is arriving we can say slightly that it would be good to start controlling it from the beginning, because when the barriers are already put in place it is too late and we have tons accumulated in the coastal zone,” he stressed.

Daniel Ortiz, waiter at the Pancho Villa hotel and beach club, stated that since the second week of January the sargassum was already reaching the shore, but in these first days of February the volume is greater.

I also consider that this mechanism (the barriers) should not be placed until April or May, but before, so that the results are in favor of tourism activities, Tulum’s image and -therefore- remain among travelers’ tastes.

He mentioned that in addition to the barriers there must also be the work of the sargacero boats that collect the fern from the sea.

“Some say that the barriers are useless, but for me the barriers do contain the sargassum and if you add to that the sargassum boats, the beaches of Tulum will continue to be charming for tourism,” he said.

In a tour of the different public beaches of Tulum National Park, it was observed that the sea fern is beginning to arrive in significant quantities.


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