April 6, 2024
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32 new works of high social impact announced in Tulum for 2023

During the Thirty-Fourth Ordinary City Council Session, headed by the municipal president of Tulum, Marciano Dzul Caamal, the Annual Operating Program for fiscal year 2023 was approved, projecting an investment of $242,102,693 pesos.

With plans to attend to the most pressing needs, the trustee and councilmen authorized the execution of 32 works of high social impact for areas such as drinking water, electrification, education sector infrastructure, health, housing improvement and urbanization, as well as four actions to attend to administrative areas.

The resources to be used will come from branch 33 of the Contribution Fund for Municipal Social Infrastructure and the Territorial Districts of the Federal District (FAISMUN), Branch 28, Own Resources, Environmental Sanitation Right, 5% for Archaeological Zone Use Right (DUZA) and the Contribution Fund for the Strengthening of the Municipalities and the Territorial Districts of the Federal District (FORTAMUN-DF).

32 new works of high social impact announced in Tulum for 2023

What works were approved?

The session approved the signing of a contribution agreement between the Tulum City Hall and DIF-Tulum, which will allow the operation of the laudable institution.

Also, among some of the works to be projected are:

  • Construction of the Coba lagoon boardwalk corridor, first stage.
  • Construction of the second stage of the Social Assistance Center (CAS) in Tulum.
  • Rehabilitation of the access road to the Mayan zone, Yaxche-Chanchen Palmar section.
  • Paving of streets in the municipal capital of Tulum.
  • Modernization of Coba Av. south, second stage

-Paving of streets in the town of San Juan de Dios.

  • Electrification and public lighting in the localities of Macario Gómez, Francisco Uh May, Manuel Antonio Ay.
  • Expansion of the potable water network in the locality of Coba.
    -Construction of security control arches.
    -Sanitation of the open dump on the Tulum – Coba road.

Finally, it was informed that Tulum’s POA 2023 has the objective of guaranteeing and sustaining the orderly, strategic and transformational development of the ninth municipality without creating or increasing taxes, as Dzul Caamal has instructed since the beginning of his administration.


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