April 6, 2024
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Inside Tulum’s New ‘Las Indomables’ Reality Show

TULUM, Mexico – Six celebrities bared their personal confidences that have propelled them into international stardom in the realm of the arts on “Secrets of the Las Indomables,” Canela TV’s new reality show.

The so-called “Las Indomables” headlining this captivating Mexican-produced reality gem include Alicia Machado, Yuri, Ninel Conde, Patricia Manterola, Amara “La Negra,” and Zuleyka Rivera. Toward the end of May, these six personalities were summoned by the production team to the paradisiacal landscapes of Tulum, located in Quintana Roo. Over the course of a week, they lived together, formed connections, and vacationed while cameras captured the majority of their day.

Amid the filming that took place in settings ranging from a house nestled within the tropical paradise, a hacienda, and turquoise beaches, to the ecological reserve of Sian Ka’an, these artists revealed their human side. They shed tears, shared laughter, revisited wounds from the past, confessed the keys to their successes, engaged in conflicts, and forged new friendships.

Inside Tulum's New 'Las Indomables' Reality Show

Throughout the ten episodes, Alicia Machado, Yuri, Ninel Conde, Patricia Manterola, Amara “La Negra,” and Zuleyka Rivera will unveil the secrets that have propelled them into the ranks of the renowned “Las Indomables.” This reality sensation follows “Villains’ Secrets,” a reality series starring Aylín Mujica, Cynthia Klitbo, Gaby Spanic, Geraldine Bazán, Sabine Moussier, and Sarah Mintz.

Where, When, and How to Watch “Secrets of the Unstoppables”: The ten-episode reality show made its debut for Mexico and all of Latin America on Thursday, August 17th. It’s available for free and entirely in Spanish on Canela TV, an original content app that can be downloaded on any kind of device.

Profiles and Pursuits of the “Las Indomables”

Inside Tulum's New 'Las Indomables' Reality Show

Alicia Machado

The Venezuelan actress and Miss Universe 1996, now residing in the United States, is experiencing the peak of her professional journey as she solidifies her role as an entrepreneur. She’s on the cusp of launching her own line of proteins and collagen, alongside a beauty secrets book where she’ll candidly discuss her struggles with eating disorders.


The songstress behind “The Damned Spring” continues her triumphant musical tour “Euphoria,” which has taken her across much of Mexico, captivating audiences and packing venues like the Mexico City Arena with over twenty thousand attendees.

Ninel Conde

As one of the most controversial figures among the “Las Indomables,” this actress and singer has embarked on her own reality show this year. Additionally, she’s still captivating audiences with her musical performances in both Mexico and the United States.


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