April 6, 2024
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Holístika: wellness, mindfulness and consciousness in the Tulum community

This unique paradise is defined not only by its extraordinary space in the jungle of Tulum, but also by its community. Holistika is the place where the ideas of specialists from such diverse areas converge to create a better tomorrow. From architecture to art, this is where the charm of this paradise is born.

Holístika: wellness, mindfulness and consciousness in the Tulum community

Its history dates back to December 2017, when it opened its doors and decided to offer an experience that will change the lives of all those who come to this place. Tony Burwell and Ricardo Gutiérrez, the founders of Holístika consider it indispensable to create a strong community of wellness rather than focusing on doing business. The important thing is to achieve an environment that promotes healing, growth and learning surrounded by luxury in nature. Luxury in the form of magical people, experiences and spaces that make up Holistika.

Holístika: wellness, mindfulness and consciousness in the Tulum community

Tony, as he is known in Tulum, defines luxury this way: “The luxury of Holistika has been to create a place to share and create. It is always to continue attracting talent that is not focused on money, but with the luxury of giving and helping”.

A community experience

Holistika attracts adventurous travelers, people from diverse destinations, from business to couples on romantic trips, looking to disconnect and reconnect. It is characterized by an incredible variety of facilities that brings together creative spirits and offers fun experiences to rejoice the soul and come back to ourselves. This paradise is composed of hotel, restaurant and cozy spaces where you are welcomed to learn, create, dream and collaborate immersed in this dreamy place.

Holístika: wellness, mindfulness and consciousness in the Tulum community

Born as a wellness & arts hub with hotel and restaurant in the middle of the jungle, this place allows disconnection and relaxation to anyone who visits the place and is looking for a different and transformative experience.

The founder of Holístika goes back to his life stories and the moment he decided to start in Tulum, during the economic crisis of 2008, he saw an opportunity. At the same time, he highlights the importance of the strength and spirit of Tulum and all the moments, places and people that brought him to this place: “I believe a lot in the destination and the energy of the Mexican Caribbean Sea, its beautiful beaches and its people. Its energy achieves a special vibration” he assures with conviction. Tulum has managed to position itself as the best option not only for its paradisiacal beaches but also for the connection with nature that some businessmen knew how to enhance and capitalize on.

Holístika: wellness, mindfulness and consciousness in the Tulum community

Holistika was conceived as a healing center of the highest level and a space for culture and spiritual development that attracts talented people looking for activities to enhance their fullness. This is why it seeks to have activities every day, throughout the day, in which visitors can immerse themselves, enjoy and be part of the community of people who share the same mentality and way of seeing the world.

Among these activities, ceremonies and workshops, we seek to discover the harmony between mind, body and spirit. Find balance in yoga classes in a shala surrounded by nature, meditate to the sound of Tibetan singing bowls, find patience in ashtanga and flow with vinyasa yoga, experience a relaxing massage to the sound of the jungle, and rejoice the heart in a cacao ceremony, free yourself in a pre-Hispanic temazcal, and travel to your dreams in art and ceramics workshops, among many others, all surrounded by a community that understands and accompanies you. The Holistika team is always looking to innovate to bring its adventurers new ways of knowing themselves and bringing a little bit of themselves and Holistika to the world.

Holístika: wellness, mindfulness and consciousness in the Tulum community

And it is worth mentioning that in Holistika you can always delight your palate in its restaurant “Tierra”, with an exquisite variety of vegan and vegetarian food prepared by chef Fernando Veras, who with high quality products surprises palates with every bite.

The luxury of giving without expecting anything in return

“And suddenly life surprises you, what begins as an art of destiny today is a reality, that having as a goal to share a lifestyle of wellness and happiness generated community and that life today is responsible for returning all that you have given, even without looking for it and in ways you never imagined. It is to arrive and meet wonderful people who tell you about their processes, projects and experiences that have changed their lives for the better and it all started here, in Holistika, and who tell you “Thank you, thank you for creating Holistika” and that changed my life. What person in the world comes to thank you for your business? This only happens when you really get attached to something. The more ́ thank yous ́ I heard, the more motivated I became because it was appreciated by others.”

Holístika: wellness, mindfulness and consciousness in the Tulum community

“Basically, it’s another way of measuring success, in how many thanks you get. It is a very good time for many entrepreneurs to realize that we always think that having twice as much is synonymous with being happy. But it’s not about having more, it’s about giving more, giving more, because the more you give, the more you receive. It’s about enriching people from the inside, and that their greatness is then reflected in others,” reflects Tony.

Holistika was created to share the passion for wellness, change and evolution of a whole for all those who have the joy of experiencing this magical place and passing it on. We all have passions within ourselves, it’s just a matter of discovering which one makes us dream and smile bigger, to reach more people so they can share their passion. And what are you passionate about?

More info at https://www.holistikatulum.com/


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