April 6, 2024
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Germán Castelo Inspires Tulum’s Youth with Impactful Presentation

TULUM, Mexico – A Remarkable and Captivating Presentation by Influencer Germán Castelo Leaves a Lasting Impression on Hundreds of Students at Cecyte, Tulum. Thanks to the efforts of Mayor Diego Castañón, this distinguished speaker delivered a stirring message to the upcoming generations.

In light of this event, Director General of Wellbeing, Rifka Renee Queruel Nussbaum, conveyed that this conference stands as a catalyst for inspiring the newer generations with diverse perspectives, fueling both individual growth and entrepreneurial spirits. She shared that the mayor’s directive is to cultivate a youth rich in values, aiming to contribute to a better Tulum.

“Our objective lies in fostering values, generating opportunities, and influencing perspectives. We aspire to be accountable and catalysts for change, aligning with Mayor Diego Castañón’s and Governor Mara Lezama’s vision. Our youth plays a pivotal role in propelling progress, akin to the most delicate fabric of our society,” she emphasized.

Germán Castelo Inspires Tulum's Youth with Impactful Presentation

Throughout the course of the conference, the speaker engaged in dynamic exchanges of opinions, and ideation, and adeptly addressed all inquiries. Additionally, the influencer graciously distributed books to the students, with the intention of his own inspiring life journey catalyzing more agents of transformation within society.

It’s noteworthy to underscore that Germán Castelo, over the past decade, has positively impacted more than 100,000 individuals from diverse nationalities, aiding them in their evolution. He stands as the author of two Best-Selling books: “Champion’s Mindset” and “The New Password”. He’s also the visionary behind health-focused enterprises: “Keto Life” and “Home Health”.

Germán Castelo Inspires Tulum's Youth with Impactful Presentation

Presently, he is an international speaker, thanks to his initiative “Evo Movement”. His mission revolves around influencing and educating individuals across the globe in the three pillars of evolution: mindset, finances, and experiences.


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