April 6, 2024
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Tulum’s Stride to Remove 28,000 Cigarette Filters from Its Beaches

TULUM, Mexico – In a concerted effort to preserve the pristine beauty of Tulum’s National Park beaches, a substantial achievement has been made following the removal of containers that were strategically placed since November 2022. These containers served as collection points for cigarette butts, and the initiative has resulted in the retrieval of an astonishing 28,000 cigarette filters from Tulum’s sandy shores.

Alexis de Aldecoa Morales, the visionary force behind the environmental consultancy Eukariota, collaborated with the forward-thinking team at Dakatso Group to implement this pioneering endeavor under the banner of the “Sin Filtros” program. This innovative program aimed to address the detrimental impact of discarded cigarette filters on the coastal environment.

De Aldecoa Morales emphasized that the primary objective of deploying these specialized containers was to prevent the contamination of Tulum’s beaches by cigarette filters, which pose a significant ecological threat. Through a meticulous process carried out in mid-July, the containers were meticulously emptied, resulting in the separation and tallying of an impressive seven kilograms of cigarette butts. This weight translates to a staggering 28,000 filters, each weighing approximately 250 micrograms.

Tulum's Stride to Remove 28,000 Cigarette Filters from Its Beaches

It is worth highlighting that the magnitude of this environmental challenge lies in the fact that every individual cigarette butt can contaminate up to 50 liters of water. De Aldecoa Morales further underscored the urgency of safeguarding natural resources by curbing the spread of these pollutants.

The conscious effort extended beyond the mere collection of discarded filters. De Aldecoa Morales noted that an essential facet of the initiative was to foster a sense of responsibility and awareness among visitors regarding the proper disposal and categorization of waste. By inspiring eco-conscious behavior, the project aimed to empower individuals to make a positive impact on their environment.

“In November of the preceding year, in partnership with Eukariota and Dakatso Group, these designated containers were strategically installed along the expanse of the public beach within the National Park,” De Aldecoa Morales highlighted, reflecting on the initial stages of the project.

Tulum's Stride to Remove 28,000 Cigarette Filters from Its Beaches

As a forward-looking environmental leader, De Aldecoa Morales also revealed that each cigarette butt has the potential to adversely affect 50 liters of water, reinforcing the critical need to mitigate their presence along the coastlines.

Looking ahead, the proactive approach to minimizing waste and safeguarding natural resources will continue. The temporary removal of the containers is aligned with the approach of the hurricane season, which concludes on November 30th. This precautionary measure aims to prevent the dispersion of hazardous waste during a potentially tumultuous period.

Tulum's Stride to Remove 28,000 Cigarette Filters from Its Beaches

In the next phase of this groundbreaking initiative, the focus will shift toward the treatment and management of these collected filters. While the specifics of the procedure are forthcoming, De Aldecoa Morales assured that comprehensive details would be shared in due course, as part of the ongoing commitment to closing the loop on this impactful venture.


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